10 Gifts To Get The Lockdown Bride Back On Track

Breaking a sweat over the wedmin? Can’t get inspired? Panic not. We’ve got 10 gift ideas for the lockdown bride to help her get back on track with the wedding planning. 

We all know planning a wedding can be stressful, add in three lockdowns and a worldwide pandemic and BOY do those stress levels shoot up (they’re through the roof people, through the ROOF). So, if you’re feeling a little burnt out and are in need of a serious pick-me-up, Team Hen’s latest flurry of bride-to-be gift ideas will leave you firing on all bridal cylinders once more… 


#1 Wedding Planner (£14.99)

Split into 14 sections (we’re talking Planning, Budgets, Ceremony, Clothing, Beauty, Flowers, Reception, Guests, Stationery, Gifts, Photography, Transport and Honeymoon) and niftily divided and easy to find with tabbed pages, this wedding planner can help even the most disorganised of brides get herself - and the rest of the bridal party - coordinated.  


#2 Bespoke Bride To Be Gift Set (from £20) 

Are you a B2B in need of a little wedding planning encouragement? Instead of gaffer taping yourself to your office chair and playing Bridesmaids on repeat, why not hint to your MOH that you require a build your own Team Hen Bespoke Bride To Be Gift Set? With a minimum spend of £10, they’ll be able to bundle up the gifts they’ll know you’ll love and get you back in the planning mood. 


#3 Bridesmaid Planner (£10.99) 

Delegate, delegate, delegate. Flaunting 128 pages of useful checklists and planning hints, spread the planning joy and mail out one of these beautiful Bridesmaid Notebooks to each of your tribe. You’re not superwoman, and even though you feel you’d like to be in control of every last detail regarding the hen and wedding - it’s just not physically possible. Plus, your bride tribe might have some incredible ideas that you hadn’t thought of! 


#4 The Bride Tote Bag (£5.99)

Our The Bride tote bag will not only remind you of your newly-engaged status but may help reignite your love for wedding and hen-related shopping. This sturdy beaut can handle even the hardiest of shopaholics. Crafted from strong but lightweight cotton, it’s made for carting about on all wedmin-related trips out, bride tribe in tow. 


#5 Engaged AF Latte Mug (£9.99)

Not only will you covet our Engaged AF Latte Mug, but it’s ideal for delivering your daily caffeine buzz. Plus, it’s the perfect reminder that hen party and wedding business needs to be attended to…and in serious coffee-induced style. 


#6 Rock N Roll Bride: The Ultimate Guide For Alternative Brides (£16.99) 

If the old fountain of wedding inspiration is running a little dry, why not order yourself Rock N Roll Bride’s helpful tome: The Ultimate Guide For Alternative Brides? Not only will it embolden your love for non-tradition but it’ll inspire your wedding, from reception to aisle, no end. Plan the day you want - regardless of what anyone else thinks. 


#7 The Bride Socks (£4.99) 

Treat yourself to Team Hen’s newly unveiled, The Bride Socks. Not only are they totally Instagram-worthy, but they’re a playful 24/7 reminder to all that you are of engaged-status and require support with very important wedding duties. 


#8 Pink Bride Straw (£3.99) 

From now on no cocktail shall be consumed without your Team Hen Pink Bride Straw. This whimsical beauty is perfect for pairing with your weekly Zoom call or outside gathering with the maids (plus, you should definitely order them each one of our ‘Squad’ or ‘Party’ straws to match). 


#9 Beautiful Bride Luxury Candle (£9.99)

Our hand-poured luxury scented Beautiful Bride candle is the perfect self-care gift for the stressed 2021 bride. Not only will its delicate, effervescent notes of pink fizz, sweet grapefruit, Brazilian orange and pink pomelo - all enlivened with hints of tart rhubarb and fresh, juicy watermelon - bring joy to your wedding planning space (be it the home office or kitchen table) but it may kickstart the creative juices flowing again in terms of ideas and getting organised.


#10 Bridechilla Luxury Bath Soak (£8.99) 

Overthinking things? Lying awake at 2am rehashing the table plan? Stop. Sometimes all it takes to get back on track is a little self-care and relaxation. Indulge in our Bridechilla Luxury Bath Soak and let its Himalayan Salt blend melt those stresses away. 

And..breathe. That’s right. Team Hen’s got your back. 

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