10 x Things To Do The Moment You Get Engaged (Lockdown Version)

 How to celebrate in style at home if he pops the questions during lockdown. That’s right, TEAM HEN has got your back bride-to-be.

It happened! He popped the question and dropped a knee - and a rock on your finger - this 2020/21! Let the celebrations commence…lockdown-style. You may be at home, but this wondrous digital age brings thee many a way to connect to your friends and family and spread the engagement joy.

Here’s ten things to check off your list…

Above image: by Bridal Editor 

#1 Take a moment

Don’t forget - amidst the oodles of champagne and excitement - to take in every detail of this momentous moment. Put the phone DOWN (down Susan, we said down) and celebrate whole-heartedly with your new fiancé! Trust us when we say you’ll want to memorise every single second to store neatly in the ‘Best Moments Ever’ box in your brain.


#2 Celebrate determinedly

Just because you can’t physically be with your family and friends to celebrate just yet, don’t hold off on the celebrations! Set up a Zoom, multiple FaceTime or WhatsApp group and announce your new status in style (not forgetting to screen grab the heck out of their reactions for further LOLS down the line). 


#3 Get the champagne out 


We think the heading here is explanatory enough.

You + engagement = champagne. Now, that’s MATHS we do like. *high five*




Once you’ve contacted your nearest and dearest, plan an order of attack on how to let the rest of the world know - that’s what text, WhatsApp, email and the postal service is for, right?


#5 Order our Bride Subscription Box STAT.


Our sassy AF bridal subscription box series is the ultimate companion for your wedding journey. Period. Made up of three monthly boxes, each covering engagement, wedmin, hen party, wedding day and honeymoon, this is your chance to unbox seven gorgeous bride-related goodies each month for three whole months! It’s basically THE DREAM for the newly-engaged.


#6 Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe 


Get ready to put your preferred index finger through a bit of a workout, because there are multiple wedding sources you need to subscribe and sign up to. Pin down your favourite bridal blogs, wedding vendors and magazines (cos’ who knows when an offer or two might pop up!). Plus, during the pandemic, these brands and businesses (big and small) will really appreciate your engagement and interest! Sometimes you just can’t beat a like or save on Instagram - and before you know it, you’ve got a bulging wedding planner full of amazing ideas!


#7 Add. To. Cart

Make that all-important order for all of those up-coming squad Zoom calls and wedding planning digital coffee meetings. We recommend wearing all three of the above at once (yes, our Engaged AF T-Shirt, the Veiled Bride-to-be Headband and the Engaged AF Latte Mug) because that way no one (and we mean no one) will forget that you are of engaged status. You’re welcome.




That Pinterest board is calling, and it’s also a great way to share ideas digitally with your wedding day vendors! Especially if you’re unable to meet in person for a while and want to kickstart the arrangements. Plus, TEAM HEN’s Pinterest presence is definitely one you’ll want to check out. Just sayin’.


#9 Nail those PROPOSALS

If you’re looking to get organised ASAP, and you want a fabulous way to propose to your maids and maid of honour this lockdown - nothing quite beats a delivery from TEAM HEN (there’s nothing like a postal pick-me-up in quarantine)! Check out our undeniably sassy selection of proposal gift ideas.


#10 Check out the TEAM HEN blog

…because it’s bulging at the seams with inspiration, expert tips from brands in the know, gift ideas and much, much more.