9 Gift Ideas for the Mother of the Groom

Mother of the Groom Gift Ideas

Is there a relationship more maligned in pop culture than that of the mother in law and her son’s new wife? Here at Team Hen, we don’t think this is fair or accurate, and want to celebrate all the new relationships that come with a wedding - and so we’ve had a poke round the internet to find some of the loveliest gifts for the mother of your beloved. Let’s show the amazing woman who raised the awesome guy you’re marrying just how much you value her - and let’s get rid of the stereotype for once and all!

Sparkle & Shine

Wish bracelets are what our business was founded on, and we’ve decided it’s finally time to include the mums! Sending her one of these could be a fun way to announce your impending nuptials to your mums, and with a choice of silver or gold, you can make sure it’s to her taste.

Dry Those Tears

Weddings are always going to be an emotional event, and there’s probably no one more teary than the mums. Let’s upgrade them from a scraggy Kleenex foraged from the bottom of a handbag (probably there from the last wedding they attended…) and let them dry their eyes on a beautiful custom cotton handkerchief. We’ve found two very different, but equally lovely hankies, which I’m sure your betrothed’s mother will treasure with fond memories for years to come.

Time for Tea

We love, love, love this personalised mug - and we’re sure you’ll be thought of fondly every time it’s pulled out. Teamed with some fresh coffee or some posh teabags, we think this would be a lovely gift for your new mother in law to open the morning after the wedding when she could use a caffeinated pick me up!

Snail Mail

Although she may not want to admit it, before you came along your fiancé’s mother was probably the most important woman in his life, and it’s natural that she’ll be feeling slightly worried about how their relationship will change - and how you’ll all get along. Take the time to sit down with a cuppa and write this gorgeous card to her. It’ll be treasured, and the gesture will mean more than you could probably ever know.

Smooth As Silk

Whilst you might not be getting ready on the morning of your wedding with your future mother in law, make her feel included by giving her this gorgeous silky kimono to wear whilst she’s getting her primp on. The gorgeous blush colour will flatter everyone, and the lux feel of the satin will make her feel super glam!

Hen Party Ready

Let’s make sure she feels included when you invite her along to your hen party - a sash proudly proclaiming her status as the Mother of the Groom will make her feel special, and this gorgeous satin sash is sophisticated enough that she’ll jump at the chance to wear it.

Get Lit

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a scented candle? These beautifully fragranced candles come in a lovely frosted glass votive with ‘Mother of the Groom’ printed on it in an elegant gold font. There’s a candle in this range for the all the important women involved in your wedding, and would make a lovely gift in the run up to the day.

Perfect Pouch

These Mother of the Groom Katie Loxton pouches have been flying off our shelves since we became a stockist and we were so pleased when they introduced this elegant gold version for the Mother of the Groom. We’ve people buy them to make up wedding day survival kits - fill with blister plasters, painkillers, a hanky and a little mirror for a thoughtful (and practical!) wedding morning gift that will be appreciated and hopefully used again and again!

For more ideas for Mother of the Groom gifts, see our 'Mothers of' Gift Collection.

We hope you’ve found some ideas in this gift guide to make your beloved’s mother feel appreciated and special - and we’d love to hear from you!

How did you make your future mother in law feel included in your wedding? And if you’re the mother of a groom - what gifts are appreciated?


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