Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Break from Tradition

Here at Team Hen, we’re all about ditching old wedding trends in favour of something, quirky, non-traditional and a little bit more modern. Something that’s piqued our interest recently are some bride’s unique takes on their wedding bouquets.

Here’s a roundup of some of our favourites!

Pizza Bouquets

Now if you’re as pizza obsessed as we are, this bouquet is sure to make you drool! Though we can’t help but think it might get a little bit messy. Do you throw a pizza bouquet? This idea came from across the pond at New Jersey pizza restaurant Villa Italian Kitchen. Back in June of last year they launched a competition for 15 people to snag themselves one of these delicious bouquets for their big day. The bouquet was made up of several mini pizza classics including pepperoni and margarita and was decorated with a bunch of cherry tomatoes.

Doughnut Bouquets

It’s no surprise that food is a popular theme when it comes to modernising the traditional bouquet. If you and your partner have got a little bit of a sweet tooth and a taste for a bright and beautiful wedding bouquet then a doughnut one could be just what you’re looking for. Companies like Donut Bouquets, who are based out of London and have some equally delish and beautiful bouquets on offer. Or, if you prefer, Pinterest has a wealth of inspiration for you to DIY your doughnut bouquet. And let’s face it, they’re the perfect snack for those in-between meal times and create fun photo ops too!

Puppy Bouquets

Are you the kind of bride that loves dogs more than people? Then how would you feel about a bouquet of puppies. Now this trend can go one of two ways. Some creative florists actually use flowers to create cute pooches; or, the alternative non-traditional way of doing it is literally having a bunch of pups share your big day with you. Frankly we think this is the cutest wedding idea we’ve ever seen. Let’s just hope they’re potty trained!

Succulent Bouquets

If you’re very much a boho bride, then succulents are definitely the way to go. These kinds of flowers last anything up to three to four weeks and can provide perfect pastel/bright contrast to your wedding gown. They’re a great choice for brides who live in very dry areas. Now we know this isn’t an issue for most UK brides, there’s definitely an abundance of rain here. But for those lucky brides who are having a destination wedding in warmer climes this is a great option for you. Martha Stewart have rounded up a list of their favourite succulent bouquets here for you to get some ideas going .

Crochet Bouquets

Do you live and breathe DIY and love knitting in your downtime? Then why not crochet your own bouquet?! We think it’s the perfect way to inject your own personality into your bouquet and the design possibilities are endless; from poke balls and ice cream cones, to a more traditional floral style. The plus side to this is it’s also something that you can keep forever, as the last time we checked crochet doesn’t wilt 😉


What do you think? Do any of these bouquets tickle your fancy? Have you seen any particularly weird and wonderful bouquets at a wedding you’ve attended recently? Let us know!

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