First Time Bridesmaid

What to Expect as a First-Time Bridesmaid

One of the most incredible feelings in the world is being asked by your bestie to be a bridesmaid at their wedding. You feel honoured, overwhelmed and will probably break out the waterworks when they ask.

However, if it’s your first time ever being a bridesmaid you may be wondering what to expect. Obviously, you’ll get to wear a fancy dress and be by your friend’s side on the most important day of her life but what other duties can you expect to take on as a first timer? Let’s take a look!

The Dress

Now if the bride is very chilled and doesn’t have any preferences other than colour for her bridesmaid gowns then you could be in luck and will be able to choose a style and material that compliments you well and that you’ll be comfortable wearing all day.

However, there’s also a very high likelihood that the bride will choose the exact gown for you to wear; and there’s a chance that it won’t suit you and you’ll hate it. Just remember, if you find yourself in that unlucky situation, that the day is about your friend and if she loves the dress then that’s all that should matter on the day.

Bridesmaid Duties

Though the major planning and execution of the day and the events leading up to it will be the responsibility of the maid or man of honour, you’ll still have certain duties as a bridesmaid, not just on the day but in the months leading up to it too.

The bride will be seeking your opinion on pretty much every aspect of the wedding; from colours of bouquets, to the groomsmen’s suits, table favours and even the playlist. Remember that your friend likely asked you to be a bridesmaid because you know each other well and can be honest and open about your opinions. Be straight with the bride. If you’re not a fan of a particular idea, let them know! They’ll appreciate your transparency.

Money Matters

Many modern weddings see the bridesmaids paying for their own outfit, which can be pretty costly, especially when you factor in shoes and accessories. You’ll also need to consider things such as the cost of the hen party, of which your presence is mandatory being a bridesmaid, as well as the cost of their wedding gift.

We recommend putting a bit of money to one side each pay day to help spread the cost as you could see yourself spending several hundred pounds by the time everything is done and dusted.

Emergency Kit

It’s always handy to have an emergency bridesmaid kit in your bag ready for any minor issues the bride might face. Although there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ emergency kit, some items are pretty mandatory such as tissues, safety pins (for any wardrobe malfunctions), paracetamol and a few essential beauty items such as lippy and mascara for bridal top-ups during the day.

As you know the bride better than anyone, you’ll be able to come up with personalised list of essentials to include in your kit. The bride will thank you for having these items quickly to hand on the big day.

We hope you enjoy your first-time bridesmaid experience and these tips help you to have a successful and fun day!


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Photo by Genessa Panainte