Glammy Glitter | Guest Q&A

We chat all things GLAM and GLITTER with accessory designer, Glammy Glitter. 
She’s known for her jewel-encrusted party hats that are beloved by festival-goers and brides worldwide - that’s right, this month’s guest Q&A is with the woman behind Glammy Glitter.
A mother of four who turned to mindfulness to aid with long-standing insomnia

- caused via the pain of having Crohn's disease (since being diagnosed Tracy has had 26 surgeries in six years and about to have more) - Tracy started getting crafty and adorning sartorial wares with glittering jewels and more. After one of her mind-bogglingly cool (and obscenely GLITTERY) party hats caused a stir at Glastonbury in 2017, she decided to release her jewelled creations across Instagram, sparking interest from across the globe. We caught up with Tracy to get the lowdown on everything from her nine to five, to her top bridal tips and the celebrity wedding she loved… 


Q.1 What’s a normal business day include? Is it 9-5? Or more like 6am to pull your hair out/early hours?

“From 9am-5pm I do my daytime job, then from around 5.30pm every night I work until around midnight and day and night at the weekends’ obsessed with making hats, I just love to see the pictures from my customers with their gorgeous smiling faces.” 

Q.2 Three top tips for brides with regards to your expertise…GO

 #1 “If it’s for a hat possibly go with a hat with your name or initials as then you can use it again.” 

 #2 “Advice for your wedding day: make sure you take ten minutes with your partner to take it all in as it goes far too fast.” 

#3 “Being married - laughter is a big key. I have been with my hubby for 29 years, we work inches apart at the office and are a fantastic team but its the laughter (that usually I create) that helps.”  

Q.3 If you could collaborate with another vendor or brand, who would it be and why? 

“I would love to collaborate with another designer that makes bespoke products. As I love anyone that has a craft for making things.” 


Q.4 What’s new at your brand? Got anything exciting in the pipeline?

“I always have new designs because of all of the hundreds of hats that I make - no two have ever been the same.”

Q.5 Where should brides be looking for heart-stopping wedding inspo?  

For inspiration I would recommend all types of social media as there is something for everyone.” 

Finish one of these sentences: 

When I get married I will….”marry my knight in shining armour (my hubby).” 

If I could get married again (wedding 2.0) I would…”still marry the same man as I wouldn’t swap him for the world.” 

Q.6 A box-set/series you highly recommend: “Bridgerton.” 

Q.7 Who (and it can be anyone) would sing at your wedding? “Elvis Presley or Robbie Williams.” 

Q.8 If you had to delete an app on your phone - what would it be and why? “All of the online clothing apps as I spend far too much money lol.” 

Q.9 A celebrity wedding you loved…GO! “Billie Faiers of course.” 

Q.10 Finish one of these sentences: 

For my hen party/stag I’d like to… 

If I could press replay on the hen do/stag I would…”do the same over again as we were all cheerleaders spelling words with our tops then something else on our bums.” 

Q.11 Browse the Team Hen site, what would you buy? “I love all of the rose gold products.” 

Q.12 You’ve been dropped at the airport, passport in-hand. You can go anywhere. Where do you go? “Dubai as it looks stunning and I have never been.” 

Q.13 Cocktail of choice: “Mojito.” 

Q.14 Instagram guilty pleasure? “Watching videos of how things are made.” 

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