Hen Party Drink Accessories

Hen Party Drink Accessories

We’ve not done a proper scientific study, but we reckon that around 99.7% of all hen parties involve at least one alcoholic beverage at some point - and whether we’re talking sharing a fishbowl at happy hour with your bride tribe or sipping delicate cocktails from a vintage tea cup over afternoon tea, we’ve rounded up the best accessories to go along with your tipple.


Personalised Cocktail Stirrers

These are hot off the press, and have been designed in house here at Team Hen! A fun keepsake for your hens, and available in four gorgeous shades, these cocktail stirrers will make a statement in your drinks, and will pimp up even the plainest glass of Prosecco (not that we’d turn it down understand…)


When you’ve spent hours getting your glam on, the last thing you want is to smudge your lippie on a glass…we’ve gathered a selection of gorgeous straws which will protect your pout, and with their fun adornments, look great in the photos. Plus, they’re all made from recyclable paper, so sup away guilt free!

Bride Straw

Here at TH we do subtle, and we do…not so subtle. If your Bride wants everyone to know her status, our gorgeous paper straws probably won’t cut it. This bright pink twirly straw is reminiscent of the ones you bugged your parents for as a kid, and lets everyone know that you’ve got a VIB2B (Very Important Bride 2 Be) in your midst.

Sparkle Drops

We started stocking these last Christmas, and could barely keep up with demand - so we’ve decided to bring them back! We’ve got an updated list of 16 flavours, and have made sure to choose a spectrum of colours. The flavours are all delicious, but we think the drops really come in to their own when added to clear liquids and their colour and shimmer is clearest to see. Buy a selection to create a rainbow of drinks, or even drinks that go with the wedding colours for that Bride that’s a bit extra…


Glass Charms

Another in-house design, these wine and cocktail glass charms are the perfect way to mark your glass as yours! We sell sets engraved with “Cheers!” in a variety of languages, or they can be personalised with each hen’s name, your Bride’s name, your hashtag for the weekend - let us know what you want! In either frosted or mirrored acrylic, these charms are gorgeous, and are a really unusual accompaniment to your drink!

Drink If… Game

Often Hen Parties are about bringing together groups of friends who might not necessarily know one another, and our exclusive icebreaker game is perfect for…well, breaking the ice! Featuring 32 statements, from the innocent to the more risque, take it in turns to pick and read out a card - and watch to see who has to ask for a refill first!

Diamond Ring Ice Cube Tray

Our fun ice cube tray gives new meaning to asking for your whisky on the rocks! Each tray makes six diamond ring shaped ice cubes at a time, and they’re perfect for cooling your drinks down. We’ve even heard of more culinary minded hen making bespoke chocolates in the moulds - and even vodka jelly sweets!

Large Hen Party Reusable Cups

If you’re not the kind of Hen who enjoys sipping delicate cocktails, our 16oz reusable cups are for you! Made from a sturdy frosted pink plastic, they hold a decent amount of drink, can be put through the dishwasher, and can be used long after the party! They also hold the perfect amount of water to put by your bedside table for the morning after the night before…just sayin’!