Hen Party Hair Accessories For The Bride


Obsessed with this season’s bow trend? We know. Can’t get enough pearl accessories for the hen? We don’t blame you. Looking for a hen party veil that makes you stand out from the crowd? We’ve got it. Here at Team Hen we’ve had an influx of sumptuous new hen party hair accessories that are beyond perfect for the bride - and they’re all just a mere click away! 

Regardless of whether you’re looking to cause a stir in our new Pearl Tulle Bow Veil, White Bride Cowboy Hat (with glittering fringe) or want to keep it cool and low-key with our Bride Pearl Hair Slide, our bumper selection of sophisticated hen party hair accessories for the bride is a must-visit. Ideal for adding to your bridal hen party wish list (and dropping on to the WhatsApp group) or ordering for yourself (why not - you deserve it) we’ve got a selection of bridal hair accessories no 2024 bride will be able to resist! 

#1 Luxury Tulle Bow Veil 


We’re in no doubt you’ll have spotted this season’s bow trend making waves on your Instagram feed (they’re adorning candles, on shoes, styling up cocktail glasses - you name it, it’s probably got a bow on it) so why not jump on the bandwagon with our gorgeous Luxury Tulle Bow Veil? Featuring a creamy white satin bow with soft white tulle veil (measuring 80cm), it’s the ultimate bridal hair accessories for the 2024 bride. 

#2 Bride Pearl Hair Slide 

Meet the pearl bridal hair accessory you need in your life: our adorable Bride Pearl Hair Slide. Ideal for elegantly pinning back tousled locks on the hen, adding a touch of style to your cool bridal afterparty look on the big day itself and even popping in your honeymoon hair accessories bag, this little beauty is perfect for the bride who wants something bridal but low-key.  

#3 Luxury Pearl Padded Headband 

Understated yet chic, our stunning Luxury Pearl Padded Headband is every bride’s dream! Featuring beautiful faux pearl detailing, extra padding for height, this is a hair accessory that’ll see you through hen to honeymoon - and way beyond!  

#4 White Bride Cowboy Hat 

Let this incredible White Bride Cowboy Hat glitter as you throw some shapes on the dance floor this 2024! With its dazzling silver detailing and pearl ‘Bride’ letters shimmering across the crown, it’s the hen party cowboy hat you’ve been waiting for! Plus, you’ll love this beauty’s handy drawstring and toggle, ideal for keeping it in place!  

#5 Hen Party Veil 


Style your hen party threads (be it that tailored cream suit, silver sequin mini dress or your favourite jeans and our Bride T-Shirt) with this dreamy Hen Party Veil. Double layered and with ‘Bride To Be’ printed on in gold foil, she’s a total showstopper of a bridal hair accessory. 

#6 Pearl Tulle Bow Veil 


Meet the hen party veil of your dreams: our gorgeous Pearl Tulle Bow Veil. Elegant, chic and effortlessly sophisticated, this beauty is the perfect accompaniment to any hen party look! Studded with pearls, you’ll love how it looks clipped to tousled, straight or curled locks. And, there’s no messing about when it comes to adding it to your bridal look, simply attach via the silver clip and away you go!

#7 Pearl Bride Headband 

It’s the showstopper of all headbands! Get ready to fall in love with this fabulous Pearl Bride Headband (not to mention stand out from the crowd). Featuring a sumptuous padded pearl headband with ‘BRIDE’ glittering in silver edged pearl letters, this beauty will let everyone know you’re in your bridal era! 


#8 Embroidered Floral Hen Party Veil 

If you’re after something more boho (we’re thinking florals and a free-spirited vibe) check out this unforgettable Embroidered Floral Hen Party Veil. Embroidered with delicate florals, your botanical-loving bride will adore its whimsical allure. Double layered and with a hair comb for easy styling, this will go straight to the top of many a bride’s wish list. 


#9 Bride Hen Party Baseball Cap 


If pearls and embellishment aren’t for you, opt for this cool new arrival instead. This effortless Bride Hen Party Baseball Cap will look good with practically anything. And, if you’re heading abroad for the bridal shower, it’s definitely the bridal hair accessory to bring to help keep the sun out of your eyes!

#10 Bride To Be Hen Party Veil 

Delicate, dreamy and double-layered, our Bride To Be Hen Party Veil is a must-have for the bridal shower. Beautifully edged and hand-finished with ‘Bride to Be’ printed in white foil, this beauty will look good with everything from your favourite denim jacket to that glittering white sequin dress! 


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