How to Curate a Winning Hen Party Tablescape

 You don’t have to jet-set it abroad on a massive budget to create an Instagram-worthy hen party. Here’s how to create a dream tablescape with some serious decor details.

Not all brides will want to be whisked abroad for their hen party and, in fact, if you’re on a tight budget, planning a celebration at home or somewhere local can be just as fabulous. In our view, a sassy, rosé-filled hen party tablescape is seriously underrated, especially when you know where to source the decor goods from. So, if you’re a maid of honour, bridesmaid or bride-to-be handling your own party, put the dodgy handmade bunting and tissue paper down and head on over to Team Hen

No.1 Decide on your colour palette

This is always a great place to kickstart ideas. Theme your palette around the bride’s favourite colour (we opted for a wash of pink and peach) or get inspired by the ranges Team Brice offer (click here - we're lovely our latest Blush Hen range). Cos’ we’ve definitely got something for every type of bride.


No.2 Mix and match

It’s always a good idea to consider what you’ve already got. So, if you’ve already got cute pineapple shot glasses and vintage crystal champagne saucers to hand, build your tablescape around these. Mix vintage crystal with our pink Reusable Cups (perfect if B2B Denise is known for sloshing her drink about and dropping glasses) and add some serious style with our Bride Squad Cocktail Stirrers.

No.3 Lay the table

Why not step things up and let a hen party-filled gift bag or favour reveal who’s sitting where? If the table’s already set, then there’s - not only - the less likely occurrence of any bickering, but each and every attendee will feel thoroughly spoilt and special. We’ve opted for Team Hen’s sassy Bride Squad Lip Balm, Personalised Bridesmaid Keyrings and Personalised Luggage Tags.

No.4 Get creative

This isn’t the time to hold back. Equipped yourself with confetti, sensational straws (our Bride Straw will steal the bride’s heart), napkins, sequins, candles, flowers, neon lights, the lot and let your inner stylist out.

No.5 The final touches

Next on the to-do list? Tailor the food and drink to your bride’s tastebuds. Has she got a penchant for Whispering Angel? Order the bottles in! Does she love an Indian takeaway? MacDonald’s? Keep it simple, don’t stress and order take-out (unless of course, you’re a natural chef and don’t crumple under the pressure of cooking for 12 slightly sloshed women). 

No.6 Enjoy it. Don’t sweat it, cos’ Team Hen’s got your back.

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Images: by Bridal Editor