How to throw a Lockdown Hen Party

How to throw a Lockdown Hen Party

Hey, how are we all doing? This is a pretty strange time to be living through, and with things being shut down and cancelled left, right and centre, we’re sure there’s a fair few Hen Parties suffering as well. 

It’s okay to feel sad about this, so don’t feel guilty for being gutted that your Hen Party is suffering - but we want to come up with a few suggestions for ways you can still celebrate AND keep to the government’s advice. 


First off - can you postpone it?

We know the Hen is meant to be a final fling before the ring, but if you’ve planned activities and accommodation, it could be worth contacting the vendors and ask if you can place your booking on ice, and have a celebration later in the year, even after the wedding has taken place!

Many businesses will be more than willing to help you keep the booking for a later date, and you’ll be helping to support them by not getting a refund.

Obviously we realise this might not work for everyone, but if you can reschedule, we reckon a post wedding Hen could be just what you need to spend some time with your nearest and dearest friends once the crisis has passed!


Secondly - virtual hen parties!

We are so lucky that we are living in a time where we can see and speak to pretty much anyone we know, wherever they are, at the literal touch of a button.

Services like Skype, Zoom, and even Facebook Messenger allow you to have group video calls, so why not arrange a time, grab your drinks of choice, and all log in.

We have a range of games you can play virtually as well as in person, and if you can all decide on a film, the Netflix Party Chrome app allows you all to watch a film or show in sync with each other, even allowing someone to pause it for everyone if you need a refill, meaning no one will fall behind. Virtual pyjama parties FTW!


We know from experience how much a surprise package through the post can raise our spirits.

We have loads of letterbox friendly items on our website, from cute pin badges, bridal party proposal bags and our personalised keyrings.

We’re more than happy to send these out on your behalf and will handwrite a note to pop in as well to let your Bride or Hens know you’re thinking of them in these very strange times. 

Stay safe and well

Team Hen x