7 Photos With Your Bridesmaids That You Absolutely Need

Once you’ve booked your wedding photographer, it’s time to start thinking about photos you absolutely want them to capture. Many of these are pretty standard - bride/groom with their parents, bridal party, friendship groups - but what about photos of you getting ready with your squad? Usually photos of this time are left to the photographer’s discretion, but we’ve come up with seven photos that we think are must haves to capture the excitement of the morning!

The Rear View! 

95% of photos taken of you and your girls will be taken from the front, showcasing your gorgeous faces - but what about the backs of your dresses and hair dos? As well as a classic shot from the back, pictures of people helping to do your dress up can capture a beautiful moment between you all. 

First glimpse!

I’m sure you’ll have shown around pics of your dress to people, but there’s probably only a couple of people who have seen you in it - and even they’ve probably not seen it post alterations and fitting you perfectly! Ask your photographer to capture the look on their faces as you come out of your room in all your glory.

Letting loose!

Despite being with your nearest and dearest, no one will be blame you for feeling a bit nervous the morning of your wedding! Laughter is the best solution, and we’ve all got that one friend who can get you laughing and will instigate a dance party to that cheesy song you all know - and letting your photographer know you want these candid moments capturing will ensure you’ll be able to remember the morning as fun rather than fractious!

Matchy matchy!

You’ll want to delay putting your frocks on until the last possible minute, and a lovely way to show your girls how much you appreciate their support on your last morning as a Miss is to provide them with something that’s not only comfortable but looks good in the pics as well. We have a t-shirt for everyone in your bridal party that will be a gorgeous memento of the morning, and should hopefully avoid stains on your fancy dresses!

Floral Fancies!

Your bouquet will be front and centre of many photos - but was about your bridesmaids? Ask your photographer to make sure they capture their bouquets as well as yours - and make sure they get some good shots of the dresses you’ve picked out as well!

Feet First

You spend so much time on all the tiny details that will make your day perfect that it’s natural over time some of these will slip your mind. Ask your photographer to make sure they get pics of your bridal party’s shoes before they’re danced to destruction, and make sure you’ll always remember the small things from the day.

Bring on the bubbles!

Ask one of your bride tribe to ensure there’s a bottle of something chilled, fizzy and fabulous in your room - and make sure your photographer is there to capture that first sip and toast! This is your morning - celebrate!