Hen Party Straw Drinking Game | 18+ - Team Hen

Hen Party Straw Drinking Game | 18+

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Hen Party Straw Drinking Game | 18+

What’s an iconic hen party item? A novelty straw. What’s an iconic hen party activity? A game of Would You Rather. What happens when you put them together? This exceptional hen party straw game!

Simply ask the question that features on your straw, and let your fellow hens answer it (potentially embarrassing themselves in the process!) 

This hen do game is super easy and fun to play, but as the straws are paper, it’s eco-friendly too! 

*Not suitable for children.

Each Hen has a straw to use in their cocktail and let the games begin, ask the question out loud and just wait for the answers! Make the game more fun by doubling it up as a drinking game, ask the question aloud to the group and those in the minority have to drink!

20 environmentally friendly paper straws in a recyclable box, each straw has a ‘Would You Rather Question on it’.



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