Hen Party Theme: 90s Pool Party

90s Pool Party

Here is our ultimate guide on how to nail a pool party themed bachelorette. Follow this and your day will go swimmingly (we can’t resist a pun)!

Location, Location, Location.

This element may seem obvious however, we haven’t all got a mansion in LA that conveniently has an infinity pool in the back yard. Some of us may have to improvise which is still totally cool!

You have a couple of options; rent a house/air bnb that has a pool, contact your local swimming centre or simply buy a large paddling pool.

Paddling pools come pretty cheap on Argos and Amazon or if you have kids it’s likely you already have one tucked in your garden shed.

It’s not all about the location. It is about what you DO with it!

90s Pool Party | Hen Party Themes| Team HenInvites

A pool party should really take place during summer. I know British weather isn’t exactly dependable, but organising your event to take place in warmer months gives you the best odds of sunny success!

If you’re handy with a glue stick and scissors why not make DIY party invitations? The templates on Pinterest are endless and it will really create a personal touch for your guests. Any summer orientated shapes will work perfectly, for example ice lollies, flip flops and pineapples.

90s Pool Party | Hen Party Themes| Team Hen


The 90s years were iconic therefore your Hen party needs to be too! Your guests need to feel as though they’re in a Hollywood movie scene.

Filling your garden full of bright colours is an easy way of achieving your desired look.  Paper lanterns and honeycombs are low cost yet high impact visually. Along with bubble balloons which are becoming hugely popular. You only need to splash out on a couple to create a wow factor.

90s Pool Party | Hen Party Themes| Team HenInflatables

No summer party is complete without a giant flamingo. The world of inflatables is vast and honestly, mesmerising; you can get ones in the shape of pizza slices, pretzels and even wine bottles.

Admittedly these can be a little pricey so pick a couple of favourite designs.

We recommend buying a couple of plain/normal lilos, rubber rings and beach balls in addition. Yes, they won’t be as cute to Instagram but they will blend in with the others overall.

Note: Inflatables can be used for seating and sun lounging as well as floating on the water, a total space saver!

90s Pool Party | Hen Party Themes| Team HenGames

To limit the risk of drunken accidents, we’ve decided to keep our favourite party games away from the pool.

-Pineapple bowling is a totally simple twist on an old school classic. Pop to your local grocery store, buy half a dozen pineapples and spray paint away! We love the effect it creates, gold paint in particularly looks very chic and will hopefully glisten in the sun (please don’t rain)!

90s Pool Party | Hen Party Themes| Team Hen

-Inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’ flamingo croquet looks amazing. It will unleash a competitive streak within your Hens and well… you can never have enough flamingos at a pool party.

90s Pool Party | Hen Party Themes| Team Hen-Twister is another nostalgic party game bound to get your girls giggling. Spray the coloured circles onto your lawn and let the flexible filled fun begin.


You want to keep the snacks you provide light and fresh, especially if there’s pool diving involved.

A sit down meal probably won’t work in this instance, so have a table set aside with a selection of foods guests can nibble on throughout the day.

Go to summer foods include: watermelon wedges, Hawaiian pizza, fruit jelly and salad.

90s Pool Party | Hen Party Themes| Team Hen90s Pool Party | Hen Party Themes| Team HenMusic

Last but not least setting the mood with some tunes!

Spotify have really great summer playlists’ already configured for you. Whether you want chill out music such as reggae for when guest start arriving, to if you want upbeat pop classics as the glasses of Pimm’s start flowing!

For more gorgeous inspiration, see our latest Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/teamhenltd/pool-party/

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