Game of Thrones Inspired Weddings

Add a Touch of Game Of Thrones To Your Big Day.

     Many of us have been glued to our screens binge watching the notorious Game of Thrones series. The cinematic portrayal of George R.R.Martin’s novels has been one hell of a roller coaster and has consumed us into to a fantastical realm filled with dragons, knights, and a fight for the Iron Throne. The show is infamous for its gory deaths, but amongst the bloodshed and battles there are some magical weddings. From Daenerys and Khal Drogo, to Joffrey and Margeary, the weddings within the series are always an occasion to remember (not always for their romantic ceremonies…) , so you can understand why many people want to incorporate elements of the series into their own big day! (Minus the dramatic deaths)

    So the moon of your life has bent the knee, that means celebrations and ceremonies. Here are some easy ways to add a touch of Westeros to your wedding.


Brides' Hand

A significant position within any court throughout the Seven Kingdoms is Hand of The King (or Queen), so why not give this role to some of the most important people on your big day, your Bridesmaids. Etsy has made it possible to to offer that role, with the beautiful pin that goes with it. Now all your Bridesmaids can wear their Hand of The King pin on your special day.


Bridesmaid Essentials

Before any wedding comes a Hen Party, or if  you’re not a party person, the bridal party need something to pop on before the weeding while having make up and hair done so there is no risk to the all important dresses. Though it seems impossible to add a little Game of Thrones flare to this, these Game of Thrones inspired quote T shirts make the perfect Hen Party essential. These shirts are a perfect little memento for your Bridesmaids  to remember your Big Day!


Let’s Talk Tables…

Along with a wedding comes a long guest list, and organising that is no easy feet, but if Sansa can survive the wrath of Westeros, then you can organise tables. Another easy way to add the spirit of Winterfell to the Wedding Breakfast is to name the tables after the Houses of the Seven Kingdoms. Whether you are a Stark of Winterfell or a defender of the Iron Islands with the Grayjoys, you can add a sense of fantasy to your first meal as Husband and Wife.


Three Words… Rains of Castamere.

One way to keep your guests on their toes and fill the room with excitement is to play the poignant tones of the Rains of Castamere. The song is infamous with the Red Wedding where much blood is shed and many key characters lost, but its is also a traditional anthem played at weddings within the series.


There are many ways to include Game of Thrones to your wedding. These are just a few ideas of how you can add fantasy to your fabulous day.

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