Hen Party Planning

Hen Party Planning

Wedding season is fast approaching, and I bet, like me, your calendar is already filling up with Hen Party dates, despite it being the first week of Jan! Hen Parties are so much fun to attend, but can be quite tricky to organise, especially if you’ve never had the pleasure before!

Follow our top tips to avoid any awkwardness or misunderstandings, and make it an event to remember.

Guest List 

Always consult the Bride-to -Be on the Hen Party guest list, even if the rest is to be a surprise. You are bound to know the Brides friends and family well, but with today’s active social lives, there will inevitably be some groups you don’t know so well, or have never even met. It might also be worth giving her a clue as to the activities planned –she may not want Aunt Doreen turning up to a Nude Life Drawing class!

Who Pays 

Traditionally the Hen Party cover the cost of the Bride-to-Be. However, if you are going abroad, or having a posh weekend away, this may not be feasible. Have a talk with the Bride and see where she stands on this tradition – she may be more than willing to pay her way, which means the budget will go a lot further!


What may seem reasonable to others could be way out of someone else’s league. Try to be considerate of all those attending; though easier said than done! Do some simple costings and let everyone know a rough total for the entire weekend/event. Gauge people’s reactions before you go ahead and book anything. The last thing you want is people pulling out after you’ve paid a hefty deposit on a 10 bedroom holiday home.

Home or Away

If the Bride is desperate to go abroad, but only a handful can afford it, you may need to reconsider. However, if the Bride has her heart set on it, consider having two Hen Parties, on abroad, and a cheaper option nearer home. Remember to give everyone the option of both!

Dress Code

The Bride should be centre of attention at her own Hen Party. This should go without saying, though you’ll always get a few who’ll try to upstage her! Nip this in the bud by specifying a dress code for the big night out. An all-black dress-code, with the Bride-to-Be in white is a great way for her to stand out from the crowd, and doesn’t require any silly fancy dress! Follow these top tips to avoid the classic pitfalls, and make the bride’s Hen Party go without a hitch!