Hen Party Ideas At Home | Home Hen Party Ideas

Staying in is the new going out!

There’s something calming about having a party in your own home; yes, you may have to clear up the mess however you will feel comfortable in your surroundings, allowing you to really let your hair down.

Here are our top ‘Hen Party at Home’ ideas to inspire you. Also check out our recent blog post on ‘Cheap Hen Do Ideas’ that are equally as fabulous!

Nailed It

We’d all love to splash out on an expensive spa weekend but in reality that may be out budget. Do not worry, creating your own miniature spa at home can be just as luxurious and fun!

A pamper party is just what the busy Bride will need. You could get a get a professional beautician or masseuse to come to your home, offering a range of indulgent services.

Or alternatively, you and your bride squad could do it yourselves. Painting each other’s nails, along with braiding one another’s hair; you’ll feel well and truly pampered. Arrange some tasty nibbles and drinks, set the mood and have a good old catch up. Home Hen Party Ideas

Flower Power

The likes of Kate Moss and Ashley Tisdale have incorporated festival chic flower crowns into their weddings, so why don’t you? Numerous florist’s offer group packages, perfect for you and your bride squad, big or small.

Whether you plan to use the crowns on your big day or perhaps just want learn a new skill in the company of friends. Simply choose your flowers to suit your personality, colour scheme or bridal shower theme.

Our favourites include: vintage florals; Coachella, Bollywood and Tropical. 'Flower Show Presents' can travel nationwide across the UK to your home/garden, perfect for a home hen party! Fresh Flower Crown Hen Party Workshop

Picnic Party

Weather depending, this idea is completely fabulous and fuss free! Of course you need to have a garden available to use. Push together some wooden benches for guests to sit at or alternatively if you prefer a more traditional picnic vibe, place down some cosy checked blankets.

Food is completely variable to your taste. Limiting your offering to cold food such as sandwiches and canapés will allow you to prepare hours before the occasion, yippee!

Being outdoors is the perfect excuse to bring out the old garden games. Jumbo Jenga, ring toss etc. all which will be rather entertaining after a few glasses of Pimms. home hen party ideas Wine Time

A classic party idea such as a cheese and wine night can still work delightfully for your Hen do. It involves drinking and eating, who’s not going to enjoy themselves?! If you are feeling a little clueless, Pinterest is full of grids showing which wines work best with certain types of cheeses.

However, our favourite idea is the ‘wine tasting guessing game’. Select a few bottles of wine and keep their labels covered from you party guests, replacing each with a chosen number. Throughout the evening they will taste each wine, score it and come up with a final verdict (e.g. number 4 is Merlot).

Up the ante by providing the winner with a parting gift such as a fresh bottle of wine or instead give the loser a block of seriously smelly cheese! home hen party ideas For more ideas for hen party at home, see our latest Pinterest board >>