They've popped the question and you’ve been flashing the rock 24/7! Why not celebrate in style and sort yourselves out a champagne-laden engagement tablescape for an intimate dinner for two?

We recently teamed up with Bridal Editor to unveil an engagement tablescape of dreams, equipped with everything from pale pink sparkling wine to an (admittedly, inedible) fake cake by the newly launched Happy Crappy Cakes, flickering Team Hen candles and Instagram-worthy rose gold She Said Yaaas hen party straws. Plus, we prove there’s no need to blow the budget if you’re happy to get creative. Read on to get our top tablescape tips… 

Photography & styling by Bridal Editor 


#1 Make use of what you have… 

Don’t go blowing the budget on an entirely new set of gold cutlery, or busting a gut surfing the web for new crockery. Take the time to delve into the back of the kitchen cupboards and pull out everything you do have that could work. Then edit out what doesn’t work together…and voila! You’ve got yourself a starting point. 



#2 Curate a theme… 

Be it by colour, shape or era (whatever floats your boat) the idea is to create a look that ties together and blows your other half out of the water. 



#3 Shop for hardworking extras… 

Now you can click the ADD TO CART button, just make sure you choose hardworking table accessories that will really lift your theme. Team Hen’s newly-engaged decorations and accessories are ideal for this, especially as there’s so many colour options and collections! If you’re shopping big, keep in mind its better if you choose something you’ll definitely use again. A fluorescent cake stand with Swarovski stones might not be the right forever investment. 


#4 Purchase your edibles (or, in this case, your inedible-s)…

…because an engagement table without cake and champagne isn’t an engagement table. Just sayin’ (Our non-edible showstopper of a cake was from the newly-launched Happy Crappy Cakes).


#5 Set the scene… 

Style your tablescape tools to your hearts content. Arrange, rearrange, arrange again - until you get it right. It's worth it... 


Get the look

Your TEAM HEN shopping list

 2 x Beautiful Bride Luxury Candle 

1 x pack of She Said Yaaas Hen Party Straws

1 x pack of Rose Gold Diamond Ring Confetti

1 x pack of She Said Yaaas Hen Party Paper Napkins 

Your best glassware, crockery, cutlery and table cloth and an assortment of your favourite beverages (champagne is, of course, a must



For more Team Hen decoration ideas and accessories, head to our hen party collections section. STAT. 

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