How to Keep Children Entertained at Your Wedding

How to Keep Children Entertained at Your Wedding


If you decide to have an adults only wedding, keeping everyone happy is basically a case of making sure there’s ample food and drink for everyone and making sure the music is something people can dance to. Invite children, and keeping everyone happy suddenly seems a lot more daunting! 

Many parents will come equipped with a whole host of things to keep kids quiet and entertained, but there are a few things you can do to help out, and ensure everyone has a great time.

A Kid’s Room - no adults allowed!

If you have the space and the budget, creating a kid’s room for the reception can be a fab idea! You’ll need to make sure there’s supervision, but there are many companies that specialise in keeping kids entertained and safe, allowing parents to let their hair down without worrying about kids disrupting proceedings! 

Create a kids table

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a separate room, having a dedicated table or two can be a fab way to keep the kids entertained (and contained!) You can supply some colouring/activities for them to do and depending on ages, a few games or puzzles.  

Include them in the wedding activities

Children like to feel included and useful, and so including them in the wedding can be a fab way to keep them occupied. The obvious way is to have them in the wedding party, but if your wedding party doesn’t stretch to including them all, handing out disposable cameras and asking them to act as assistant photographers is a kid’s dream! You could even create a photo list for them to complete. As well as keeping them entertained, the resulting photos will give a wonderful view of the wedding from the kid’s point of view, and could make a lovely alternative photo album!

Chuck them outdoors!

One trick every parent knows is that getting kids outside for some fresh air and activity is a surefire way to wear them out - and hopefully tired kids will be quiet kids when it comes to the speeches! If you have the space outside (and the weather co-operates!) setting up some lawn games can be a great way to burn off any excess energy from sitting quietly during the service, and keep them happy during cocktail hour.