Hen Party Lockdown Games

Hen Party Lockdown Games

So, anyone else speaking to their nearest and dearest a LOT more since lockdown started? I’ve never video chatted with my friends as much as I have over the last three weeks, and we’ve heard of several hen parties being rearranged to take place over Zoom and Houseparty. 

Over the last few years we’ve developed a range of games, which, with a few minor adjustments, would work just as well over Zoom as they would in person - with the added bonus that if you wake up hungover from a few too many shots, you’re in your own bed. So make sure you have your favourite tipple and hangover cures in, get dolled up (from the waist up!) and settle down for an evening of socially responsible Hen Party fun!

 First off, one for the guest of honour to lead - our originally written How Well Do You Know The Bride Hen Party Quiz is a great game for all ages. It’s a free download and so can be sent round to all the guests ahead of time for everyone to complete ahead of time, or the Bride can be the question master and lead the fun! For added competition, why not send a copy to her beloved, and see how he scores against her best friends?

 Now, time to turn the tables on the Bride - we’ve established how much (or how little!) you all know about her, now it’s time to find out how much the couple of the moment know about each other! Our Mr and Mrs game is another of our free downloads, and is perfect for virtual celebrations. Send a copy to the Groom to be, and then ask the Bride to Be the same questions, and see how they fare! For added fun, why not invite him on to the video call, and ask the questions simultaneously, getting them to write their answers on a piece of paper and hold them up so there can be no cheating - and how about a shot for every wrong answer?

 Anyone who has ever gone for a mani-pedi and gestured awkwardly at the colour you’d like, rather than have to ask for “Big Daddy” or “How Cute is That?” knows just how ridiculous nail polish names are now. For our final free download game, we’ve collected some of the…best, and combined them with some porn film names to make our Porn or Polish game, and now we’re not even sure what’s happening. Good luck trying to figure these out! 

Our Drink If… game is one of our newest games, and lends itself well to virtual playing. You’ll need one set of cards and a lot of your chosen tipple! The premise is simple - we’ve chosen a bunch of statements, and if it applies to you = drink! Simply get one person to read out the card, or show it to the group.

This is just a quick round up of games - but we’re sure you have a whole bunch more! Let us know in the comments, and we’ll share the best ideas!