This month the founders of bridesmaid dress label, Maids to Measure bring us their top tips on how to nail the dress hunt. 

Renowned for their delicious array of ice cream shades, playful silhouettes and pretty prints, Maids to Measure are, in no doubt, connoisseurs when it comes to the creation of the bridesmaid dress. Conceived by two sisters, India and Sinclair, the brand has been dressing bride tribes impeccably since 2013. This month we managed to catch up with India to nab the brand’s top tips on the exciting (and occasionally dreaded) bridesmaid dress hunt… 

India's Wedding Pictures |  Joanna Bongard Photography

#1 How did Maids to Measure start? 

“I started it with my sister in 2013 after we realised there were no British bridesmaid brands, a real lack of choice and huge lead times that seemed really unnecessary. We wanted to create a brand that had fashionable dresses but still had a traditional feel, with lots of options and cut flatteringly for everyone.”

#2 In a nutshell, what does Maids to Measure offer? 

“We have really evolved over the years to take into account the needs of our brides and we now pride ourselves on being a British brand with beautifully made dresses, covering all shapes, sizes and colours.”

#3 Take us through the latest arrivals at Maids to Measure…

“So, our latest offering has been printed bridesmaid dresses with new spring summer styles giving a nod to the fashionable puff sleeves and tiered skirts. Our Spring colours are focused around pastels - pale pink, pale blue, sage green, cream/ivory and light grey.”

#4 The bridesmaid dress hunt, it can be pretty daunting - where, in your opinion, is the best place to start?

“With us ha ha!!! I think we have such a great selection for all brides to choose from we can cover all bridesmaid dress styles and themes of weddings that the bridal party can really see what works for them and their venue etc. We have dresses that range from petite to plus size and maternity.”

#5 Where should brides be looking for inspiration? 

“We love instagram, its our go to and we're just starting to upload more to Pinterest as we think this is a real favourite for brides looking for inspiration.”

#6 How should brides plan the bridesmaid dress hunt? 

“We always advise the girls to make a day of it! Get a date in diary all the girls can do and make a couple of appointments with lunch in-between and cocktails after and then its almost like a pre-hen! Our new studio is in Marylebone - so super central.”

#7 How can brides shop for bridesmaid dresses in lockdown? 

“Well, it looks now like we can we open from the 12th April which is great news but with certain restrictions still in place brides are starting to order more online and have them sent to their bridesmaids to try on at home. We have a try at home service where you can return anything you don't need and pay later.”

#8 What should a bride keep in mind when choosing her bridesmaid dresses? 

“Personally, I suggest going for the colour you love the most, of course you want to take into account surroundings and other factors but I think you just want to love the colour and if you have numerous bridesmaids its hard for everyone to love the same colour, so you do have to remember its your day. We have every colour you could want from red, dark greens and navy to blush, peach and baby blues.”

#9 What’s your advice on managing bridesmaids who don’t get on?

“Ha ha not sure I’ve ever seen this, but maybe book separate appointments!”

#10 What would be your advice for a bridal party who can’t come to a decision on a dress? 

“Well, what does look great is letting the girls just pick their own styles so they all feel comfortable in what they're wearing. All our dresses come in numerous colours so this works well and its why people love coming to us! The bride picks the colour and the bridesmaids pick their style.”

#11 What did you have for your wedding?

“I had a winter wedding so chose the high neck Holly Dress in forest green. I wanted my girls in exactly the same so opposite to the above and simply didn’t listen to any complaints!!”

#12 What did you learn about the bridesmaid dress hunt process from your own wedding

“To be honest (obviously I’m bias) I don't think there is another offering with Maids to Measure’s selection and expertise. So, it makes sense to come to us as we really do have something for everyone.” 

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