Microweddings: The Growing Trend

We’ve seen our fair share of wedding trends over the years, from poufy Princess Di style dresses to disposable cameras gracing the tables at every noughties wedding we attended. One wedding trend that’s captured our attention in 2019 is, of course microweddings.

What exactly is a microwedding?

It’s fairly simple – you get all the same nuptials, a fun day of celebrations and so forth but instead of having upwards of 100 people show up to your big day, you just share it with a handful of your nearest and dearest, usually around a dozen or so guests.

Microweddings can be anything from a super casual affair, where the bride isn’t even expected to wear a traditional wedding gown if she doesn’t want to, to a very luxe celebration. As long as you limit the number of guests, everything else is tailored to your choice.

Think of all the benefits you would get from eloping, but without actually having to elope! They’re perfect for low key couples too, who dread the thought of standing up in front of a large crowd of people stuttering their vows.

Why microweddings are the perfect compromise for couples

They’re a small and intimate and can end up being extremely practical, especially if you’re looking to save some extra cash. With the newspapers recently reporting that the average couple are now shelling out over 30 grand for their wedding, it’s no surprise that the popularity of microweddings are on the rise. Let’s face it, nothing puts more stress into a wedding situation than handing over tens of thousands of pounds just for one day!

Of course, budgets aren’t the only reason behind the appeal. Another benefit is that they’re generally not an all-day kind of thing, great for those who aren’t into long, drawn out events.

We’re not saying you can’t head down to the local for a big hurrah after everything’s done and dusted. It simply means, you have the choice. If you don’t want a huge afterparty, you don’t have to have one. With a microwedding, everything can be wrapped up in a few hours including the ceremony, photos and sitting down for a bite to eat.

They give you the chance to splurge on what matters

With a big wedding, some luxuries become completely out of the question, especially when catering for a larger crowd. When there’s only a handful of mouths to feed, however, your budget will go a lot further and you can choose to indulge on fancier food and booze, or, even better, you can put the money you save towards your dream honeymoon instead – we like that idea!

Also, speaking of things that matter, thanks to the limited guest list, there’s also no fear of being unable to socialise with all your guests. Couples are usually inundated on their wedding day and many newlyweds look back and comment on how it was a bit of a blur; trying to squeeze everyone and everything in. With a microwedding you’re sure to have all the time in the world to make memories with your closest friends and family with zero regrets. 

Venue options become endless

Microweddings mean that a whole new world of venue options become available to you too! You can do something quirky and wild, get married in a national park, go to your favourite restaurant/bar or simply choose something really sentimental to you both, like the place you first met or had your first date. It’s much easier for venues to cater to smaller crowds meaning you can get creative with where to hold your big day.

So, what do you think? Could a microwedding be exactly what you’ve been looking for? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your thoughts 


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Photo by Benjaminrobyn Jespersen