Nail Art Trends

Nailed It.

Nail Art is a huge trend right now, so we've rounded up our favourite nail looks.

After much celebrity stalking and Pinterest pinning we have discovered you don’t necessarily need to sit for hours, getting cramp in your fingers to achieve your #nailgoals.

We’re all guilty of being indecisive in the salon. So, if you easily get bored after a day or two and love to have your nails match every outfit, bespoke press on nails are perfect solution.

Nail Trends - Team Hen

If you are an avid DIY’er painting your own designs is definitely something you can try yourself, especially with Pinterest fuelling your design inspiration. Just invest in some good quality nails, fine paint brushes and lots of tooth picks (and remain calm)!

But if you are not so art inclined you can now get them made specifically for you, by professional nail technicians.

Nail Trends - Team Hen

Whether you are looking for subtle everyday styles or titillating talons there is a set for you. Your nails may be small but damn they can make an eye catching statement. Over the last couple of years, nail art has become increasingly more daring. We've seen bloggers experiment unusual shapes and trends like bracelet nails.

One of the hottest styles to covet at the moment is a slogan and logo. This is an excellent idea for special celebrations. For example, you and your hen party could all get bespoke ‘Team Bride’ nails.

Nail Trends - Team Hen

The best thing about customisable press on nails is they’re reusable! So you get luscious claws for a fraction for the salon price, if you get a lot of wear out of them. The sets are custom made to you. From the nail size, to the length so no one will be the wiser.

Alternatively, if you prefer a natural nail - jump on the nail decal hype. Similar to stickers they sit perfectly under a top coat of nail varnish. They’re relatively easy to apply yourself or you can get your salon technician to.

nail art trend - team hen

The designs can be personalised like you would believe! You can quite literally get your pet or boyfriends face put on your nails. We think it’s such a cute idea for Hen Party favours.