Winter Hen Party Ideas | Winter Hen Do Ideas

Here in the UK it can sometimes feel like winter all year round.

So with that in mind, we have compiled our favourite ‘wintery’ activities/ideas to inspire you when planning a seasonal Hen Do.

The Knitty Gritty

Nothing says cosiness like being tucked up in a warm blanket. So why not make your own?

Crafty Hen parties are becoming more and more popular. They are a chic alternative to your typical, crazy Hen Do and you can learn a new skill whilst having a giggle with your bride squad!

Whether you begin to knit a chunky blanket or learn the basics of quilting, a master class with an expert will make you ooze with confidence before the big day.

Winter Hen Party Ideas

Blooming Brilliant

A similarly crafty idea would be to organise a wreath-making workshop. Wreaths’ aren’t just for Christmas trust me! Tones of florists offer Hen Do packages, some even work mobile so can bring the class to your home if need be.

You could even incorporate the flowers you plan on having at your wedding into your wreath, so you can picture how fabulous they will look.

Winter Hen Party Ideas

A Hint of Holiday Spirit

Wintertime is renowned as party season; therefore it is also a time for delicious cocktails. Turn your kitchen into a flavour haven, do some recipe research and get each party member to bring a bottle (mixer or alcohol).

From there it is time to get concocting, create classic cocktails such as a Snowballs, Mulled Wine and Eggnog. But don’t be afraid to try new recipes, check out Pinterest for some funky new snifters such as Jingle Juice or even create your own!

Winter Hen Party Ideas

Hansel and Gretel Vibes

Get those creative juices flowing with a DIY gingerbread house decorating party! Bake and assemble your miniature houses prior to the event or instead buy pre-made houses for less trouble. You will need icing, piping bags and lots of yummy sweet decorations. Put a old table cloth down or sheets of baking paper; proceedings are bound to get very sticky.

You could even create a little bridal party competitiveness by awarding a best decor prize!

Winter Hen Party Ideas

Loco for Hot Cocoa

Creating a ‘hot chocolate bar’ is an idea we are completely obsessed with at Team Hen. Hot chocolate can be completely versatile for each guests’ preferences and is perfect for a non-alcoholic Hen Do; whether that be because the bride is pregnant or she actually just wants to remember the event!

Of course you can always add alcoholic options to your bar such as baileys or orange liquor. Just be sure to clearly label each mixer, topping and other extras extras.

Get everyone to come in his or her Pyjamas for added charm!

Winter Hen Party Ideas

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