Become a Team Hen Affiliate!

Are you a trendsetter, a party enthusiast, or a passionate advocate for unforgettable hen parties? If so, we've got fantastic news for you!

We are thrilled to unveil our brand-new Affiliate Scheme, designed exclusively for brides and their babes who love to share their excitement and spread the joy of unforgettable celebrations.

Our Affiliate Scheme is all about celebrating your unique style and creativity. Whether you've recently indulged in our Hen Party Accessories or are simply bursting with enthusiasm for unforgettable celebrations, this program allows you to seamlessly share the Team Hen magic with your audience. What's more, you don't always need to have the physical product in hand – your love for Team Hen can shine through in various ways!

Signing up is free and allows you to earn commission every time your followers shop from

Scheme Benefits

  • Diverse Promotion Options: Share your Team Hen love by showcasing specific products, spotlighting your dream wish-list, or even by talking about Team Hen as a whole. The possibilities are as endless as the ways you can celebrate!
  • Commission on Sales: Earn a fantastic commission on every sale made through your affiliate link. Your celebration spirit is not just rewarding in joy but also in commission!
  • 21-Day Tracking Cookie: We believe in giving credit where it's due. With our 21-day tracking cookie, if your followers click on your affiliate link and make a purchase within the next 21 days, you still get the credit. Cheers to extended celebration rewards!
  • Gifts for Successful Affiliates: For those who excel in generating click-throughs, we're excited to gift you with Team Hen products, including exclusive launches and promotional items. The stage is set for potential campaign partnerships!

We're particularly thrilled to collaborate with real-life brides. Your journey is unique, and we want to be part of the magic leading up to your big day.

Join us in this new chapter of celebration, where every affiliate is a valued member of Team Hen's joyous community. 

Let the celebrations begin! 🚀💖

It is important you read and agree to our Affiliate Scheme Terms & Conditions prior to signing up to our scheme. T&Cs can be found here >>