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Drink If Hen Party Game

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Drink If Hen Party Game

At hen parties, you’ve often got a group of people together who might not have met each other before (that’s what makes them so great!) That’s where ‘Drink If…’ comes in - the perfect hen party game for ice breaking and friend making.

‘Drink If…’ is a drinking game, whereby each person takes it in turns to read a card out loud. If you’ve done what the card says, then you take a sip of your drink - it’s that simple!

We created this hen party game specifically for everyone to get to know each other in a quick, informal setting. With prompts such as ‘...have a tattoo’ and ‘...can do a handstand’ it’s a fun drinking game that’s perfect for all ages, from baby cousins to great grandmas and everything in between. Their answers might just surprise you…



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