Hen Do Pictionary Game
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Hen Do Pictionary Game

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Hen Do Pictionary Game 

For our Hen Party Games, we’ve taken firm favourites and given them a fun bridal shower twist. 

Take this Hen Do Pictionary: it’s the classic drawing game, where you have to draw the word on the card for your team to guess, without making any sound. But, the words are all hen do themed! You’ll be rolling around on the floor laughing with your new best mates in no time.

We wanted to create a Hen Party Game that everyone could enjoy, so you can pick from a Clean, Explicit, or Mixed set of clues. 

Each game contains 16 double-sided cards, featuring 32 prompts.

Please note: if you’re also buying the Hen Do Charades, the clean and explicit sets are the same for both hen party games. If you want to purchase both, we recommend you get the Explicit in one and the Clean in the other, for a full range of 32 cards featuring 64 different prompts.



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