Hen Party Game Set | Hen Party Games
Hen Party Game Set | Hen Party Games

Hen Party Game Set | Hen Party Games

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Hen Party Game Set

Sort all of your hen party games in one fell swoop with this gorgeous game set! 

Each games hamper includes 5 fun hen party games: Pong, Never Have I Ever, Hen Charades, Truth Or Dare, and How Well Do You Know the Bride? 

With nothing too rude or risky, this game set is perfect for hen parties of all ages. However, don’t think that that means no fun – because with a mixture of activity and agility required, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your hen do. Plus, it’s a brilliant way to break the ice!

Each pack contains 5 fun hen party games including: 20 cups and 2 pong balls 20 I have never cards 20 charades cards 20 truth or dare cards 10 know your bride cards and 1 instruction sheet.  



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