Maid of Honor Socks

Maid of Honor Socks

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Maid of Honor Socks

These soft, snuggly Maid of Honour socks will ensure no-one gets cold feet. 

In a sophisticated pink and grey colourway, they’re the perfect attire for the morning of the wedding, when your first Maid of Honour duty is making the bride a cup of tea. And of course, we couldn’t forget her matching white and grey pair!

Alternatively, why not get them as hen party socks? They’re perfect for a chill games night when you’re all in your pyjamas. Plus, let’s not lie: there’s no such thing as too many socks, so you can wear them not only as hen party socks, but long after the day too!

One size fits all (4-8)

* we know this is the US spelling!



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