Pink Foil Fringe Curtain Backdrop | 2 Pack
Pink Foil Fringe Curtain Backdrop | 2 Pack - Team Hen

Pink Foil Fringe Curtain Backdrop | 2 Pack

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Pink Foil Fringe Curtain Backdrop

Celebrate in style by hanging this gorgeous foil fringe curtain at your next party!

Make your special occasion even more festive with this 2-pack of Pink Foil Fringe Curtains!

Add some glitz and glamour to your event by hanging these shimmery backdrops on walls or doors- they'll transform any ordinary space into a dazzling party venue! With 2 sizable curtains (1M x 2M each) included, you'll have more than enough to turn your get-together into a magical occasion!

The foil backdrop will shimmer and shines to add a touch of glamour- perfect for all special occasions.

Simply hang the fringe curtain on walls and doors to create a unique party set-up! 

Each pack contains 2 fringe curtain measuring: 1M (W) x 2M (H).



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