8 Hen Party Backdrops The Bride Will Love

Above: Let’s Fiesta Neon Wall Light by Lights4fun | Photography by Oliver Perrott

Let’s talk about hen party backdrops. Whether you’re looking to go all out glam with a shimmering sequin wall, get a cool custom made neon sign in or DIY it with some flowing fabric and a clothes rail, there’s a multitude of options out there, and a haul of inspiration too…  

Here at Team Hen we love a good hen party backdrop, be it for the photo booth, extra decoration for a home-based hen party or simply for the ‘gram. But, where do you start? You might already have a hen party backdrop vision in mind (and are already deep into construction of said backdrop, drowning underneath the weight of thousands of balloons or streamers), but if you haven’t, you’re reading the right hen party blog post. And, if you’re freaking out about the hen party budget, panic not! There’s always the option to get crafty and DIY your own showstopper of a hen party backdrop without splashing the cash on expensive custom details or designs. Sound good? We thought so. 


#1 Balloon Arch

When it comes to building a celebratory hen party backdrop or background with style, balloons really are your best friend, and especially so when they come in the form of our Nude & White Hen Party Balloon Arch Kit with Paper Fans! Tap into a cool boho vibe with this garden-ready hen party balloon arch kit and bring your hen party of dreams to life! Featuring chic nude and white balloons and fans, it’s perfect for the bride who seeks something cool and curated. 


#2 Flower Wall 

Whether you envision a wall crammed full of burgeoning real blooms, or are looking for something more low key, flowers certainly offer up multiple options when it comes to designing your dream hen party backdrop. Let a professional florist work their magic on a flower wall featuring all of your favourite blooms, or get crafty and create a showstopper of a floral backdrop yourself utilising faux flowers! 


#3 Streamers 

If the idea of crafting or organising a high-impact hen party backdrop brings you out in a sweat, breathe. Our Pink & Rose Gold Party Streamers Backdrop is the ideal, easy alternative. With our streamers backdrop, a ‘gram-worthy hen party background awaits - all ready to go in one box! Simply hang your streamers from a wall or some furniture for easy and instant hen party style.  

#4 Collage, Collage, Collage! 

Why not create a more personal hen party backdrop this 2022/23 by asking friends and family to submit 10 of their favourite images or memories of the bride? Once you’ve got these in-hand, get crafty and create a unique hen party background by collaging these together. Throw in some glittery paper, keepsakes from special events or days out and even some handwritten messages to the bride! It’ll make for a truly personal hen party backdrop! 


#5 Ombré  

Knock the bride’s socks off with our Pink Ombre Tissue Paper Disc Curtain! Not only does this ombre-effect tissue disc backdrop create a truly showstopping hen party background, it’s perfect for the photo booth or behind the desserts table too! Featuring 18 strands of tissue discs, not only is this beauty easy to hang, but it’ll look fabulous teamed with other decorations too (from balloons to paper fans)! 


#6 Neon Sign 

If you’re looking to make waves with the hen party decor and budget isn’t an issue, why not plump for a cool neon wall light especially for the hen? Not only are there already a great array of really fancy neon lights on offer from various online stores (check out this incredible Let’s Fiesta Neon Wall Light by Lights4fun, £64.99) but you can even get the bride’s favourite sayings, words or future surname included within a custom neon sign! And, it’s something she’ll get to keep forever!  

Photography by Oliver Perrott

#7 DIY IT!

If the hen party budget is dwindling, panic not. Log on to Pinterest and start getting inspired by the current trend for beautifully elegant fabric-inspired backdrops that seem to be flooding a multitude of Pinterest boards this 2022/23. Whether you’re planning the hen party inside or out, unleash your inner stylist and play around with a selection of sheets, fabrics and flowers. Use a clothing rail or folding room divider as your structure and dress it to the nines! You’ll be surprised with what you can come up with! And, if you need a little help or some extra hen party decorations to jazz it up a bit, peruse Team Hen’s hen party decorations section! Our Bride Script Rose Gold Balloon is a great starting point!  

#8 Get The Squad Involved! 

If you’ve been fretting about the hen party backdrop and don’t know where to start, why not turn the backdrop itself into a hen party activity? Gather together a haul of tools and DIY supplies (we’re talking neon paint, paper, balloons, tassels, streamers, paper fans - you name it) and get creative with the bride tribe in tow! Together not only will you create something ridiculously unique, but you’ll nail the hen party backdrop and the hen party activity too! What are you waiting for? 

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