Ashley Wild Bridal | Guest Q&A

She’s celebrated for creating to-die-for headpieces, veils and accessories, and brings something different to the bride’s accessory table with her treasure box of unique, modern bridal designs. This month our much anticipated guest Q&A is with the one and only Ashley Wild Bridal. 
Having spent many years working in high-end millinery, crafting pieces for the likes of Harrods and Fenwicks Bond Street, the designer launched Ashley Wild Bridal in 2017 with the aim of handcrafted unique, contemporary creations for modern brides. Fuelled by a unique blend of inspiration, including classic style, fashion forecasting and trends, her pieces are coveted by brides far and wide.


#1 Tell us a little bit about yourself…


“I’m Ashley- owner, designer, and maker at Ashley Wild Bridal. I started my bridal accessories brand having worked in couture millinery for around 10 years. I wanted to specialise in bridal headpieces and veils offering modern, fashion forward designs- something I thought was lacking in the marketplace. I also have a degree in Textile Design, so creating swathes of unique fabrics to turn into veils is a real passion. I love my job!

I live on the South Coast with my partner and our little French Bulldog Hector. I have been known to dress him up in offcuts of tulle from time to time!” 


#2 What does your brand/boutique offer brides? 


AW Bridal offers brides veils, headpieces, jewellery and bags. Everything you need for your bridal look, except the dress.” 


#3 Hit us with your USP:


“’I didn’t know I wanted a veil, until I found Ashley Wild Bridal’. A lot of brides imagine bridal veils and headpieces as too traditional, but have they seen a leopard print veil before?! Didn’t think so. I give brides who want a unique, modern look the options they’re looking for.” 


#4 What’s a normal business day include? Is it 9-5? Or more like 6am to pull your hair out/early hours?


“I work a classic Dolly Parton 9-5. Although I always keep an eye on my emails outside of normal hours in case I have a bride that has an urgent request! I walk Hector first thing to start the day with some fresh air and then you’ll find me under a mountain of tulle for the rest of the day.” 


#5 Three top tips for brides with regards to your expertise…GO!


  1. “Wear whatever makes you feel amazing on your wedding day- whatever it might be.
  2. Use accessories to create different looks for the different parts of the day. For example maybe a long veil to walk down the aisle, then a quick change to a headpiece for the evening, and then a clutch or some statement earrings for brunch the day after your celebrations.
  3. Wear what you like ‘now’ rather than trying to look timeless and regretting not having a bit more fun with your wedding day style.” 



#6 If you could collaborate with another vendor or brand, who would it be and why?


“Ooh that’s a good question, there are so many amazing bridal brands! I love collaborating with other brands for styled photoshoots- my pieces work so well paired with Charlotte Mills shoes who I’ve collaborated with various times for photoshoots and showrooms and always love working with them. I think my style of veil works really well with simple, minimal dress designs so to collaborate with a brand like Charlie Brear would be amazing.” 


#7 What’s new at your brand? Got anything exciting in the pipeline?


“I released the L O V E collection earlier in the year which is a collection of romantic designs focusing on a feeling of celebration with the return of weddings after the past year or so. I have begun sketching for and planning the next collection which will come out next year but that is top secret for now!” 


#8 Where should brides be looking for heart-stopping wedding inspo? 


“I love instagram as a way of following brands you’re interested in as well as finding new ones you’ve never even heard of! Pinterest is great for inspiration and ideas and organising all those ideas - I think its a great tool for wedding planning as you can see everything together and decide what works and what doesn’t. Mood boarding is great for this also. I do both when planning my collections. Blogs and directories are great, especially The Wedding Collective, Love My Dress, and Rock My Wedding.” 


#9 Finish one of these sentences:


“When I get married I will….find it so hard to decide what to wear!” 


If I could get married again (wedding 2.0) I would…


#10 A box-set/series you highly recommend is… 


“Halston on Netflix was both really interesting and had amazing costume and set design.” 


#11 Who (and it can be anyone) would sing at your wedding? 


I would love to pick someone like Jenny Lewis or Elton John (in his heyday obviously!) but I have already given up music choice rights to my partner who would most likely choose Bruce Springsteen!” 


#12 If you had to delete an app on your phone - what would it be and why?

“I actually have so few apps on my phone!” 


#13 A celebrity wedding you loved…GO!


“Hailey Bieber is probably my most recent favourite. She looked absolutely stunning (obviously!) but classic and contemporary at the same time. I loved her veil, of course.” 


#14 Finish one of these sentences:


“For my hen party/stag I’d like to…hire an amazing house in the countryside and fill it with friends, food, drink and music.” 


If I could press replay on the hen do/stag I would…


#15 Browse the Team Hen site, what would you buy?


“So I’m actually planning a hen party for my very good friend next year and I have a few top picks that I’ll be purchasing!


-Definitely some games like ‘Horrible Hens’, and the Beer/Prosecco Pong Party Game set

-I’ll be putting some gift bags together for the other hens so things like the Bride Squad Luxury Candle, Lip Balms, and Heart Shaped Sunglasses would be perfect.

-Then as a little gift for the Bride the Keepsake Hen Party Guestbook.” 


#16 You’ve been dropped at the airport, passport in-hand. You can go anywhere. Where do you go?


“This is such a difficult question! There are so many places I would love to visit…but right now just a lovely little Greek Island to soak up the sun and swim in the sea would be aaaaaamazing!” 


#17 Cocktail of choice:


“I am partial to a passionfruit martini!” 


#18 Instagram guilty pleasure?


“I don’t know if I have an insta guilty pleasure, not that I follow anyway! I can very easily get sucked down a dark hole of cute dog/cat videos if I’m not careful though!” 

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Photography by Zach & Grace
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