If you’ve been searching for that dream pearl-embellished denim jacket to wear alongside your contemporary KYHA Studio bridal separates or a veil to don for the aisle, meet For The Love Of Pearls. 
BOY will the magpies amongst you SWOON when you visit FTLOP digital shelves and discover their glimmering offerings. Founded and driven by the creative Sadaf Pourzand, this months guest Q&A is devoted to finding out more about the brand and the founder’s dreams for the future (not to mention her Instagram guilty pleasure). FTLOP is the home of glittering pearl-embellished denim jackets, Instagram-worthy accessories and stunning aisle-worthy veils. Get ready to fall in love! 

#1 Tell us a little bit about yourself (we want to know it all - career background, star sign, business name and role - you name it)

“My name is Sadaf, and I am the founder and designer behind For The Love Of Pearls. I am a qualified architect and have worked as a freelance graphic designer for ten years. I started working on FTLOP shortly after I was put on furlough and postponed our June 2020 wedding. FTLOP was my creative outlet, and I had no intentions for it to ever grow into what it is now.

I left my full-time job in December 2020 to spend more time on FTLOP and have been running FTLOP and working as a freelance architect ever since!” 

#2 What does your brand/boutique offer brides?  

“FTLOP started off as only offering personalised denim jackets with pearl letters, but since then we have grown and now carry a range of bridal accessories, with our handmade pearl bridal sash being our best-selling piece. All as well as offering bespoke embroidered denim jackets.” 

#3 Hit us with your USP:

“I would say with my experience in graphic design, we are able to design bespoke embroidered jackets, which are always so special to design as they tend to have a meaning to the customer. We’ve designed jackets with meaningful quotes, or words from the couple’s first dance song etc. and the results have always turned out incredible.”

#4 What’s a normal business day include? Is it 9-5? Or more like 6am to pull your hair out/early hours?

“When you run your own business, it is never 9-5 and there are days that I really miss a 9-5 job haha – I would say a normal business day for me is from the second I wake up to the second I fall asleep. I sometimes even wake up in the middle of the night questioning whether everything that was meant to be shipped on that day was shipped or if all enquiries were responded to.”

#5 Three top tips for brides with regards to your expertise…GO!

  • “Get organised.”
  • “Have a budget from day one.”
  • “Stay calm.”

#6 What’s new at your brand? Got anything exciting in the pipeline?

“We have been working on a few exciting additions to the brand, with the first being our beautiful bespoke hand-illustrations, which will make such a gorgeous keepsake. We will be launching some new pieces in Spring, which I’m SO excited about!” 

#7 Where should brides be looking for heart-stopping wedding inspo?  

“Instagram and Pinterest!” 

#8 Finish one of these sentences:

“When I get married I will not stress the little things (although this is easier said than done, especially when you’re a crazy perfectionist)…” 

If I could get married again (wedding 2.0) I would…

#9 A box-set/series you highly recommend:

“I personally can never get bored of watching Gossip Girl!” 

#10 Who (and it can be anyone) would sing at your wedding?

“John Legend or Khalid.” 

#11 If you had to delete an app on your phone - what would it be and why? 

“WhatsApp, I always have 50+ unread messages and every time I see the red little number of unread messages I get anxiety haha.” 

#12 A celebrity wedding you loved…GO!

“Paris Hilton and Carter Reum.” 

#13 Finish one of these sentences:

For my hen party/stag I’d like to…

If I could press replay on the hen do/stag I would…“Go back to Mykonos and relive every moment. Although we went right in the middle of covid and there were so many restrictions, it really was everything I ever dreamt of (thanks girls!!)"

#14 Browse the Team Hen site, what would you buy?


#15 You’ve been dropped at the airport, passport in-hand. You can go anywhere. Where do you go?

“100% Banf, I went to Banf in March 2018, and it really was the most magical place I’ve ever visited! I can’t wait to go back!” 

Cocktail of choice:

“Berry Mojito (or anything with berries).” 

Instagram guilty pleasure?

“My new obsession is @the_pastaqueen.” 

Explore and discover the multitude of glittering bridal accessories on offer at For The Love Of Pearls. 

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