Hen Party Cowboy Hats (and how to style them)

Get ready to grab the latest hen party accessory to land at Team Hen (and it’s one you won’t want to wait to get your mitts on)! Meet our new Pink and White Hen Party Cowboy Hats here! Yee-haw! 

Whether you were inspired by Sophie Habboo’s incredible Paris hen do, or have always wanted to rock a cowboy hat for the bridal shower, you’ll be beyond delighted to hear that, as part of our latest arrivals, there’s bubblegum pink (for the bride squad) and classic white (for the bride) Hen Party Cowboy Hats awaiting you on our dazzling digital shelves.

Arriving in one size, they’re super lightweight and boast a cord and toggle to make sure they’re not going anyway (regardless of whatever insane moves you’re planning to break out on the dance floor). And, the best bit? They'll make for the perfect ice breaker activity for the hen party. Why not order in the hats and get the girls together for an afternoon of serious hen party cowboy hat adorning? The perfect hen party activity for the crafty bride! And, with that in mind, we’ve pulled on our creative trousers (they’re this season’s cordoroy and now peppered erratically with bits of thread, glue and sequins) and got crafty ourselves to bring you a list of cool ideas to get the creative juices flowing…

Assemble your tools…

Before you start crafting (be it at home or with your girls as part of the bridal shower) first things first: choose your adornments and cowboy hat. Kickstart your hen party cowboy hat crafting journey by picking out and ordering a selection of cute patches, jewels, ribbons, beads - you name it - for you and your girls! These can be picked up from the likes of Etsy to Amazon or your local craft shop. Not only is a bespoke Team Hen Cowboy Hat the perfect accessory for the hen, it’s a keepsake they’ll get to keep forever (not to mention a reminder of all the fun that was had). Opting for pink for the bride tribe and white for the bride? Or vice versa? Go for it! 

Tip 1: Ribbons

A simple shimmering ribbon wound and tied around the base of our hen party cowboy hat will look effortlessly chic! Leave the ends of the ribbons long and trailing for extra sass, or tie them neatly in a bow for a more contemporary look. Team Hen’s printed ribbons (professionally printed in a cool puffed design in order to slightly raise the font) look particularly fabulous wrapped around (especially as they showcase who’s the Bride, Bridesmaid and Maid of Honour)!

Tip 2: Beaded Fringing/Trim

If a chic ribbon isn’t quite enough to satisfy your inner style maven, look to the glittering allure of a beaded fringe or trim. Ideal for attaching to the rim of your cowboy hat, not only will this add a truly fabulous effect to your new favourite hen party accessory, but it adds amazing movement too! Just imagine the pictures for the ‘gram! We went for a peach vibe for our beaded trim to match Team Hen’s iconic Bridesmaid ribbon and a pearl look for the bride (but the options out there are endless).

Tip 3: We’re seeing stars!


If it’s glittering stars you’re feeling, we totally get it. We loved these gold sequin stars with a black background and loved randomly adorning our Pink Hen Party Cowboy Hat with their stunning detail! Paired with the beaded trim, the hat's a total knockout! Go gold like us, or opt for any colour of your choice!

Tip 4: Faux Flowers

For the modern bride who wants something a little less glitzy, why not try a selection of faux flowers? Carefully placed on the brim of the hat to one side, these will instantly bring a new dimension and texture to your White Hen Party Cowboy Hat. And, FYI? This styling will look totally dreamy paired with a chic white trouser suit.

Tip 5: Pearls Pearls Pearls!

Pearls are HUGE right now and we can’t get enough! So, why not try pairing your pearl trim adorned White Hen Party Cowboy Hat with some gorgeous shimmering pearl letter patches? Spelling out ‘Bride’ we think it’ll be a totally charming edition to your bride’s cowboy hat for the hen and beyond.

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