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Celebrated throughout the industry for their luxury bridal boutiques (they have one in both Hertfordshire and London), curated designer bridal collections and modern edge, Morgan Davies London should be heading to the top of your boutiques-to-visit wish list this 2021. 
With the likes of Bowen Dryden, Stephanie Allin, Alon Livne, Inbal Dror, Rosa Clara and Alan Hannah (to name only a few) hanging from their rails (not to mention a truly sumptuous array of accessory options to explore) this is a bridal experience you won’t want to miss out on. Luckily for you, we caught up with Maddy of Morgan Davies London to get the lowdown on everything from her favourite celebrity wedding to Instagram guilty pleasure… 


Q1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (we want to know it all - career background, star sign, business name and role - you name it)…  

“My name is Maddy and I manage the gorgeous bridal boutique, Morgan Davies London! We have two beautiful stores that have been in my family for 30 years this year and it is now my turn to take over! I am technically trained in Contour Fashion (lingerie, corsetry, swimwear etc.) and have carried these skills along with my design background into making Morgan Davies even more amazing.” 


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Q2. What does your brand/boutique offer brides?

“We have transformed the London boutique within the last year, moving locations and taking on new designers… a total rebranding! And, we are in the process of doing the same with the Hitchin boutique too as we speak, there are so many exciting things coming! We have always prided ourselves on our unique and diverse selection of dresses, selecting the best designers from across the globe to bring our brides. We have unique, handmade accessories in both stores, most of which are exclusive to us. We have a bespoke veil service where a bride can design her veil from start to finish and have custom embroidery hand stitched on. We like to have an unusual and non-traditional selection of dresses to suit the modern-fashion forward bride.”


Q3. Hit us with your USP: 

“It would have to be that we are a family run business who have been around for such a long time, who really care about our brides and understand and support them every step of the way.”


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Q4. What’s a normal business day include? Is it 9-5? Or more like 6am to pull your hair out in the early hours?

“It is a pretty standard 10-6:30pm however since we reopened after Covid, everything has been crazy! I can be answering enquiries until very late in the evening!”


Q5. Three top tips for brides with regards to your expertise…GO! 

  1. “Choose comfort all the way. You will be in your shoes all day so make sure you have tested them out beforehand and that you would be happy to stand in them for hours.
  2. Try and relax as much as possible, don’t focus on the small things, just enjoy yourself!
  3. Don’t be afraid to switch things up. Plans can change and that is exciting… especially after the year we have had, embrace change and rework your ideas.”


Q6. If you could collaborate with another vendor or brand, who would it be and why?

“Wow there are so many amazing vendors… we have just made an epic collaboration with a designer I have dreamed of stocking for years, in our Herfordshire boutique. Keep your eyes peeled!”


Q7. What’s new at your brand? Got anything exciting in the pipeline? 

“We have lots of exciting things planned! We will be celebrating 30 years in business this year, hosting trunk shows, huge sample sales and launching new designers… there is lots going on at MD!”


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Q8. Where should brides be looking for heart-stopping wedding inspo?

“Instagram and blogs. Pinterest is great but you often end up with your heart set on something which doesn’t actually exist… or at least in the UK anyway!”


Q9. Finish this sentences: 

When I get married I will…. “have three dresses!” 


Q10. A box-set/series you highly recommend: 

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” 


Q11. Who (and it can be anyone) would sing at your wedding? 



Q12. If you had to delete an app on your phone - what would it be and why?  “Boomerang… that is so 2019.” 


Q13. A celebrity wedding you loved…GO! “Chiara Ferragni. Completely epic in every way.” 


Q14. Finish this sentences: 

For my hen party/stag I’d like to…  “go to Ibiza and party all week under the sun!” 



Q15. Browse the Team Hen site, what would you buy?  “Love, love, love the diamante hair slides.” 


Q16. You’ve been dropped at the airport, passport in-hand. You can go anywhere. Where do you go? “Any Greek island! Get me to the beach.” 


Q17. Cocktail of choice: “Margarita.” 


Q18. Instagram guilty pleasure? “Scrolling through reels.” 


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