What to put in your Hen Party Hangover Recovery Kits

The faithful hangover kit. There’s no doubt about it, it’s a definite must for the hen party regardless of whether you and the bride tribe are jet-setting abroad to somewhere tropical or heading to the coast in the UK for one night and keeping it low-key. The good news is, here at Team Hen we’ve designed the perfect ‘I Regret Nothing’ thick cotton pouch to stash all of your hen party recovery essentials in this 2022 and beyond. 
We’ve all been there: you had a WILD one last night and you’re pretty sure you had one too many mimosas, the breakfast buffet at the hotel is turning your stomach and you tripped over some woman’s suitcase getting out of the lift and fell into the plant display - it’s time to dispatch the Hangover Kit. Perfectly-sized for all of your morning-after hen party needs (5.5 x 7.5 inches to be precise), this little beauty has been carefully designed in-house at Team Hen. And, we’ve got some fabulous bits and pieces to fill it with too. Read on for our comprehensive Add-To-Hangover-Kit check list… 


#1 Pain Relief 

For those who have woken up feeling like a heavy metal band have somehow crawled into their brain while they were sleeping, a little pain relief will be a delightful sight when they crack open their hangover kit.  


#2 Sunglasses 

Similarly, if that last Mojito means that you now find it difficult to open your eyeballs fully, a pair of Team Hen’s Heart Sunglasses (pink for the bride tribe and white sunglasses for the bride, naturally) helpfully tucked into your hen party hangover kit will bring a lot of joy in those early hours of the next day. Plus, they looks SASSY AF too, so no one has to know you’re a little bit hungover. 

 #3 Mints…

 …so you can keep things super fresh the next day when all 12 of you are squished into the mini bus on the way back home. 

 #4 Beauty Pick-Me-Ups 

Not only will you want to stash a few of your favourite hydrating beauty products (and maybe a face mask or two) inside the hen party hangover kit, but you’ll definitely want to include our Bride Squad Lip Balm. This perfectly pink, pocket-sized balm is great for adding a dash of sheen to dry lips or dull cheekbones! Plus, it might be worth finding out your bride tribes’ favourite make-up product pick-me-ups too and including them inside. Feeling a little cranky the next morning? Nothing a slick of your favourite lipstick can’t fix!   

#5 Hair Products 

The morning after the hen, not everyone will be looking (or feeling) their freshest. Sharon’s voluminous tousled bun has now turned itself into a chaotic bird’s nest (in fact, you’re pretty sure you spotted an actual bird in it earlier) and Susan is flaunting a variety of new, rather disturbing, mountainous hair shapes at the back. It’s therefore definitely worth slipping a few hair product favourites inside the hangover kit, we’re thinking: a mini can of dry shampoo, a deliciously scented hair mist, something hydrating and maybe even a brush (just thinking about Sharon). Plus, a scrunchie or two - especially in the form of our Bridesmaid Scrunchie Duo Set - will go down an absolute treat.

#6 Snacks 

No one likes a hangry squad member. So we’d definitely suggest popping a few well chosen edible treats into everyone’s hen party hangover kit. Perhaps a breakfast bar or two? This goes down especially well when it turns out not everyone made it down to breakfast at the hotel and may be feeling particularly delicate. 

#7 Self Care Gifts 

We’d definitely recommend sliding something a little self-care orientated into the hen party hangover kit too - something that makes your fellow squad members chill out and relax post-hen. Top of our list? Our Bride Squad Luxury Bath Soak Mini. Arriving in a playful test tube container, our signature blend of Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Lavender and Rose Petals will help even the most exhausted bride tribe member relax. 

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