6 Hen Party Games That Break The Ice

We can imagine that the sentence: ‘ways to break the ice at a hen party’ is probably high on the list to Google search when it comes to planning the hen. The answer? Hen party games. 

Hen parties often bring together a whole mix of friends and family from different areas of a bride’s life (the idea of which can be a little anxiety-inducing), so it’s always best to come armed with a hen party game (or two) and some champagne. Luckily for you, Team Hen have a whole haul of ice-breaking hen party games a mere click away that will not only bring your bride tribe together, but help get the party started. 


Part of Team Hen’s own range, Hen Do Charades is a perfect buy if you’ve got a mixture of ages attending (yes, even Grandma Jean can get involved). Get ready to act out the word on the card without making a sound, and allow your fellow hen party attendees to guess what it is! Note that clean, explicit or mixed versions are available! And, at £3.99 it’s a steal! 


"Cards Against Humanity meets the Hen Party - this is hilarious" - The Bride Mag UK

As the ultimate hen party game, Horrible Hens comes with a warning: all Hens will be embarrassed and made to do hilarious dares! Easy to play and with 55 professionally manufactured cards, this little box of fun contains a mix of unique and hilarious rules, forfeits, dares and challenges. Grandma Jean might want to sit this one out!  


It’s a hen party classic that we all know and love, and it’s here in physical form to help you kickstart your hen! Deal the cards, answer the questions and laugh hard. Plus, not only is this hen party game the perfect ice breaker, but you get to learn things about your friends you never knew! Fast, fun, and designed for one hell of a memorable hen night, you’ll want to click the Add To Cart button STAT. 

#4 WHAT THE CLUCK! £14.99 

Super simple and ideal for the hen who loves being centre stage, What The Cluck! is a hen party game must-buy! With the hen running the show, your bride will choose the questions (which are all about them) while the rest of the crew split into teams and try to get four correct answers in a row to win a made-up mystery prize from the hen! 



A party game of uncensored sketches, this rude Pictionary-style hen party game will leave you in fits of laughter. Fast-paced and hysterical - and with over 670 inappropriate things to draw - this is one hen party game that won’t be forgotten. 


Nail the hen party game offering with Team Hen’s Hen Party Game hamper! Consisting of five fun games, including the likes of pong game, never have I ever, hen charades, truth or dare and how well do you know the bride, all you need now is the champagne! Each pack contains 5 fun hen party games including: 20 cups and 2 pong balls, 20 I have never cards, 20 charades cards, 20 truth or dare cards, 10 know your bride cards and 1 instruction sheet. That’s one thing you can tick off the to-do list! 

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