Hen Party Cocktails

Hen Party Cocktail Hour

Whether you plan on getting black out drunk or just fancy trying a new tipple we have the most colourful, fun and boozy hen party cocktail recipes for your party! Here are our current favourites…

Blushing Bride

A true Hen do and bridal shower classic. This coral coloured, peach infused recipe packs a sweet little kick! The name itself puts all emphasis on the bride-to-be, creating the attention she deserves on the run up to the big day.

Recipe and method:

-Add equal parts of peach schnapps and grenadine to your glass (around 1 ounce of each).

-Just before serving, fill the remainder of your glass with chilled champagne. The bubbles will do the mixing for you, so there is no cocktail shaker needed!

Hen Party Cocktail Recipes | Team Hen


A drink men struggle to find (if you get me), but should be perfect for you and your bride squad, especially if you are partial to a glass of gin. The Chambord in the recipe also means it will complement sweet fruity flavours, therefore could work great for a summertime, tropical themed Hen do.

Recipe and method:

-Combine 1½ ounce of Gin, ½ ounce of Chambord, ¼ ounce simple syrup and a generous squeeze of fresh lime into a cocktail shaker.

-Then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. By chilling the glass, you are keeping the drink cold without diluting it with ice, hoorah!

Penis Pickle Shots

A rather cheeky option but we promise we won’t judge! It’s hard to resist a little willy related activity or accessory and this inventive idea is probably something your fellow Hens haven’t seen before.

Take a trip to your local grocery store and purchase a pack of pickles (yum). Cut roughly 1 inch away from both ends of a pickle, keeping the tips for later. Carefully scoop out the inside of the pickle. Remembering to leave a base at the bottom, as the pickle will act like a DIY shot glass. Then get the tips of the pickle that you previously set aside; create the balls for your willy shot glass by attaching the tips with cocktail sticks at the base.

Recipe and method:

-Add equal parts of pickle juice and tequila.

-Then simply tip into a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice.

-Pour the cocktail into your pickle shot glasses and enjoy!

Hen Party Cocktail Recipes | Team Hen

Cotton Candy Champagne

For a slightly simpler and less alcoholic option this drink is a winner. If you’re like us at Team Hen and love anything pretty, pink and Instagram worthy adding a pouf of cotton candy to a glass of champagne is sure to wow guests with cuteness.

Recipe and method:

-This recipe looks best using a coupe champagne glass, as opposed to a flute.

-In a glass, add a pouf of pink, white or blue candy floss (coordinate it with your décor theme).

-Pour over some Champagne or Prosecco depending on your preference.

-For a finishing touch add another small pouf of candy floss to give an ethereal, cloud like look.

Hen Party Cocktail Recipes | Team Hen

Boozy Gummies

This idea may take you back to the teenage drinking days (18 and over of course) and although it’s not an actual ‘cocktail’ recipe, they still get you ridiculously drunk without even realising!

Recipe and method:

-Fill a mixing bowl with your chosen gummies whether it be Haribo lips or even willy shaped sweets.

-Completely cover the sweets with your chosen booze, we recommend vodka because you can buy it relatively cheaply and it doesn’t have an overwhelming flavour.

-Leave the mixture to marinate for a couple of hours before the party.

-Finally drain away the excess booze so your sweets don’t turn too gloopy. Then enjoy your homemade sweet treats.

Hen Party Cocktail Recipes | Team Hen

Slippery Nipple

A drink and an entertaining game all rolled into one! Undeniably the ingredient combination may make you rethink your 6-inch heel choice for the evening, however the aim of the game is to drink the shot without using your hands. It sounds easier than it looks but it will definitely create some LOL moments!

Recipe and method:

-Fill a shot glass half full with Sambuca.

-Carefully fill the rest of the glass with Baileys by carefully pouring it over the back of a teaspoon.

-For added calories and messiness top the glass with whipped cream. Then get drinking, good luck ladies!

Hen Party Cocktail Recipes | Team Hen

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