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Photography by Sharon Cudworth

There’s nothing more special than having something bespoke made (specifically and exclusively for you) and, when it’s for your wedding day, the excitement of this escalates three-fold. Luckily for you, this month’s signature Team Hen guest Q&A is with bespoke bridal accessory designer, Beverley Pile of PS With Love.
Celebrated far and wide for her delicate, handcrafted porcelain headpieces and bridal accessories, Beverley believes that “customisation is the essence of luxury”, and loves working with each and every one of her bridal clients to craft something truly unique - not to mention incredibly aisle-worthy - for them. Forever inspired by the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us, her pieces will instantly steal the hearts of multiple bohemian brides across the globe. Team Hen caught up with the woman herself to chat everything from her brand’s USP, to her top bridal accessory tips and Instagram guilty pleasure… 


Photography by Sharon Cudworth

#1 Tell us a little bit about yourself... 

“My name is Bev and I am the owner, designer and maker behind PS With Love. I live, and also have a studio/showroom, in Essex. I am totally self taught which has taken me years of following my passion, learning new skills to bring what began as a passion up to a professional standard to create a successful bridal accessories business. I feel privileged to now be designing/making accessories for brides all over the world. Designing something beautiful that forms part of someone’s happiest memories is a dream come true because each and every piece I make is made with a real love and passion for what I do.” 

Photography by Sharon Cudworth

#2 What does your brand/boutique offer brides?  

PS With Love offers brides the opportunity to create their own wedding day accessories that reflect their individuality, style and personality. For brides who are still searching for inspiration for their bridal look, or brides who are unsure and need help to create their dream accessory, I love nothing more than working closely with each bride creating their own definition of luxury.” 

Photography by Amy Cutliffe Photography

#3 Hit us with your USP: 

“I believe that customisation is the essence of luxury, I love to bring my brides into the design process to create something exquisite that not only expresses their individuality but also their personality and style, bringing their vision to life.” 

#4 What’s a normal business day include? Is it 9-5? Or more like 6am to pull your hair out/early hours? 

“I try to work a 9-5. Although I am always answering my emails outside of normal hours in case I have a bride that has an urgent request! I love to run first thing as I think exercise is a great way to start the day and sets you up for the day ahead. 

If my husband reads this he’ll probably laugh out loud. As he’ll often find me still working until 2am in the morning! I am trying to get a little stricter with myself.” 

Photography by Sharon Cudworth

#5 Three top tips for brides with regards to your expertise...GO! 

  1. “Always be the best version of YOU on your wedding day! Wear whatever you want to and try not to listen to everybody else’s versions of what you should or shouldn’t wear.”
  2. “Start early..... don’t leave your accessories till the last minute. Your accessories are an important party of your wedding and can make or break your overall look.”
  3. “Use accessories to change it up a bit. Maybe you’re wearing a veil to walk down the aisle, a headpiece for your reception, why not go for a pair of statement earrings for the evening? Just a slight accessory change can give you a completely different look and feel.”

#6 If you could collaborate with another vendor or brand, who would it be and why? 

“There are so many amazing bridal brands I wouldn’t know who to choose! I have been so lucky to have collaborated with so many amazing brands on photoshoots which I absolutely love to do.” 

#7 What’s new at your brand? Got anything exciting in the pipeline? 

“I have always got lots of new designs happening as I am constantly making bespoke pieces for my brides! But I am really excited about a new collection for my website that I am currently designing for 2022!” 

#8 Where should brides be looking for heart-stopping wedding inspo?  

I would always say for inspo: instagram and blogs. Pinterest for planning and organising.” 

#9 Finish one of these sentences: 

When I get married I will.... 

If I could get married again (wedding 2.0) I everything exactly the same, I loved our wedding! We had a small intimate wedding with close family and friends and I wouldn’t change a thing..... apart from the dress! I’d definitely change the dress!!” 

Photography by Amy Cutliffe Photography

#10 A box-set/series you highly recommend: 


#11 Who (and it can be anyone) would sing at your wedding? 

“Ed Sheerhan, Adele and Robbie Williams.” 

#12 If you had to delete an app on your phone - what would it be and why? 

“I don’t really have many apps on my phone, only the ones I use for work so there aren’t any I’d delete. Although my husband would probably get me to delete instagram!!!”

Photography by Amy Cutliffe Photography

#13 Browse the Team Hen site, what would you buy? 

“I’ve just recently helped organise my daughter’s hen do so that’s easy as we made up little survival bags which included the Hair ties, lip balm and love hearts.

We also had the Team bride sashes and the Drink If game which was brilliant fun!” 

#14 You’ve been dropped at the airport, passport in-hand. You can go anywhere. Where do you go? 

“Maldives. We went there for our 25th wedding anniversary and want to go back!” 

#15 Cocktail of choice: 


#16 Instagram guilty pleasure? 

“I get sucked down a dark hole watching all the creative reels ....oooh and the dancing ones .... I love those!” 

Discover more about the beautiful bespoke bridal accessories by PS With Love. 

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