Daring Hen Party Activity Ideas

The Daring Hen

For years, Hen Parties have followed the same basic structure – don’t get us wrong, it’s been the same for years because it works, but what if your Bride is less about cocktails and a LBD, and more about circus skills, jet-skis and escaping from locked rooms?

A cosmopolitan in your local just won’t cut it.

Maybe you’re the same, and know EXACTLY what to do – in which case, awesome! Stop reading, and go plan! Or maybe you don’t know your escape room from your art class and need a bit of help – in which case, awesome!

Read on and see what we at the Team Hen Directory think are will suit the more daring Bride down to the ground, for a Hen Party to remember…

Escape Rooms London

Locked Room Experience

This is definitely one to do at the start of the Hen Party, before any alcohol is consumed! For those who don’t know what this is, you’re locked in a room, and have 60 minutes to get out. Sounds simple, is actually almost impossible. You’ll need to solve riddles, break codes and crack fiendish puzzles in order to get the key to unlock the door – and did we mention the time limit?

This is a fab activity if you’re a small Hen Party, as the optimum size for a team is 4-6 players – but if you’re a bigger group, they can accommodate multiple teams, battling against each other as well as the clock – bridal party versus Uni friends? Friends versus family? Team Bride versus Team Maid of Honour? Drinks are on the last ones out ;-)

No Fit State Circus

Flying Trapeze & Circus Skills

Has your Bride always dreamed of running off to the circus? Or maybe she’s watched Calamity Jane one too many times and fancies herself as a whipcrackin’ cowgirl? No Fit State Circus offer a huge range of circus skill workshops, that will ensure your Hen Party is not one to be forgotten.

We reckon your main problem with this activity will be choosing the workshop you want to do. Do you fancy a trapeze session, with actual flying trapezes, or a a design your own circus skills workshop, where you can choose the skills you really fancy mastering? Or, if you fancy yourself as a bit of an illusionist, they also offer magic workshops for smaller groups, with card and coin tricks and balloon modelling. Just make sure your Bride doesn’t disappear off to join the circus!

Hen Party Life DrawingHen Party Life Drawing

Hen Party Life Drawing

Hen Parties and naked men is as natural a pairing as strawberries and cream, so why not grab your Hens, some pencils and paper and your favourite tipple and spend two hours gazing at a naked man, whilst you try not to offend him too much with your artistic ‘ability’ – or total lack of!

These classes assume no artistic ability at all, and will give you tips on how to better capture your model on paper, with demonstrations and exercises for you to get comfortable with drawing, whilst having fun. This is probably one activity that we wouldn’t suggest you attempt to reenact at the wedding though…

Murder to Measure

Murder She Wrote...

You’ve rented a gorgeous cottage for your Hen Party, cooked an amazing meal that would put Nigella to shame, and you’re ready to eat – only your Bride is missing. A search party fans out, only to find her in  the drawing room, lifeless and cold. Your cottage is so remote there’s no phone lines to call for help, so it’s up to you to figure out - whodunnit?

If bumping off your Bride is seeming appealing after yet another late night crisis call regarding flowers and seating plans, then maybe this could prove a legal catharsis. Murder to Measure will craft you a cunning and clever mystery to solve, with each member of your party being given a character to play, and clues for you to try and figure out just which of you was pushed to the brink. They offer several different options for their evenings, ranging from you just purchasing the plot, to having them supply actors to play roles if you’re a small party. This is an amazing chance for you to play Cluedo on an epic scale, and will hopefully be a night to remember for everyone – let’s just hope the murderer is suitably repentant before the seating charts are finalised, and the only available seat is on the children’s table…