Maid of Honour Manual

Maid Of Honour: A How To Guide

Before we get down to the nitty gritty stuff, CONGRATULATIONS!

You are the Maid of Honour, you know the Bride best and  you will play quite an important role on the big day.

You will have the responsibility of looking after the bride all the way up to the ceremony. It’s a big responsibility, but it shouldn’t be daunting. Your role is to help reduce the stress placed on the Bride and help with all the wedding preparations in the lead up to the big day! Although some may be anxious to take on such a significant role, here are some tips so that you can be the best Maid of Honour.


Before The Big Day

Everyone knows that there is a heck of a lot of planning that goes into the perfect wedding. As Maid of Honour you get to be a part of that all important planning stage. Offer to take part in pre-wedding tasks, for example: Floral arrangements, finding the perfect venue, dress shopping, and cake/menu sampling. (Every job has perks!) If the Groom is not available, as Maid of Honour the Bride will be grateful of your company and help during these tasks.


The Leader of The Gang

As well as tasting cake, and finding the perfect bouquet, you have some more big responsibilities, as you will be in charge of the Bridesmaids. As Maid of Honour you will have to organise the Bridesmaids. This can include ensuring  that everyone gets to their fittings, find the correct accessories to go with their dress, and you will have to keep Bridesmaids informed of any pre-wedding parties. You will also have to make sure that all the Bridesmaids are wedding ready on the big day and looking fabulous!


On The Big Day

On the Wedding Day itself, as Maid of Honour you will have a variety of responsibilities, but you will be the Bride’s right hand man. Helping her get dressed and feeling her best, making sure she is calm and relaxed before the ceremony, and even getting something to eat before the ceremony are some of the responsibilities you will have on the big day! You are there reduce stress wherever possible and lend a hand on the Wedding day. During the ceremony you should hold the Bride’s bouquet during the signing, and at the Wedding Breakfast you may be asked to make a speech.


Being Maid of Honour is a huge responsibility, but it also shows how much you mean to the Bride. She trusts you take on the important tasks and help her through the planning of the one of the most important days of her life. The best things to remember are to be proactive, get involved with the pre-wedding planning and show that you are just as excited for the Big Day as she is!

Be supportive but most importantly enjoy the day and have fun with the Bride and best friend!


Photo by Briana Tozour

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