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It’s undeniable that fancy dress costumes always create a good giggle and can be a lot of fun to plan!

Yes, sometimes they can look tacky and cheap but here at Team Hen our motto is ‘Tasteful Not Tat’ so we have created an ultimate list of dress up Hen party ideas!  


An obvious choice now that he’s ‘put a ring on it’. Queen Bey has had dozens of iconic looks in her music videos; from camouflage in ‘survivor’ to the classic black bodysuit in ‘single ladies’. You could even use a play on words. Dressing as an actual bumble bee to symbolise the ‘Bey Hive’ or perhaps wear a lemon outfit to play homage to her bestselling album Lemonade.   Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas

Decade You Were Born In

A brilliant idea if your bride squad are various ages! It will break the ice between different generations and the outfit options will be vast so hopefully no one will match. Whether you dress up as a blockbuster film character, use a trend such as flower power to inspire you, or base your outfit on a historic event (we’re talking along the lines of Posh and Becks’ wedding, not the moon landing!).  


Don’t be put off by this idea, it can work whether you are married, engaged or single. Each costume simply needs to sum up your dream Honeymoon destination, the crazier and more unusual your bridesmaids are the better. Hopefully they are planning skiing, hiking and snorkelling honeymoons. Or alternatively want to go to countries with unique culture such as Hawaii (hula skirt at the ready)!   Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas


Another festive favourite of ours. Everything is better covered in glitter right? Time to whip out your sequin dress, paint your nails metallic and highlight those cheekbones like never before! If you’re stuck for inspiration go and follow @gypsyshrine or @gogetglitter on IG.


The perfect theme for a fitness fanatic Bride. Simply dress in your workout gear or anything camo print. Play on ‘keep fit’ stereotypes; we’re talking neon sweat bands, army face paint and of course lots of water bottles (perhaps filled with something a little stronger for this occasion).

Hen Party Fancy Dress IdeasHen Party Fancy Dress Ideas


This fancy dress genre is very broad, but in essence we mean anything mystical and magical! From unicorns, fairies, mermaids and pixies if you’re a girly girl this fancy dress will be a breeze.

Miss to Mr

Turn the tables and suit up. Take inspiration from your other half by dressing up as him for the party! This is particularly fun if they have a distinctive work uniform or perhaps a long moustache. Even if some of your bridal party are single, get them to dress up as their dream partner. A grey wig and bit of bronzer, you’ll look like Philip Scofield in an instant.   Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas

Christmas Jumpers

Not technically fancy dress but a really effortless idea, especially if you are having a winter wedding! Most people might already have a festive jumper they can dig out from their wardrobe or if not, you can get them for around £10 in Primark… bargain! For more hen party activity ideas, search our Activities directory    

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